Buy The Best Call Center Headsets With Noise Cancelling Microphone Reviews

Buy The Best Call Center Headsets With Noise Cancelling Microphone Reviews

Headsets are a one great tech that has happened to mankind since the advancement in technology. Now running a call center cannot happen without headsets and won’t function effectively with ones that do not filter out background noise. Call center headsets are your magic wand to a great deal of effectiveness in your call center.

You could take your time to ask any call center you know what major havoc bad call center headsets could cause them in just a day. If it happens that headsets which keep your employees uncomfortable or ones that make it difficult to hear what callers are saying distracts your representatives or agent, the day’s productivity will dwindle due to the bad headset factor.

Now what do you think will happen if your headsets have comfortable microphone clarity and sound? What if it fits perfectly for any of your agents enabling him or her to walk about freely while putting it on and to do other important things too? Productivity in your call center will definitely become skyrocketing. Remember a headset doesn’t have to be heavy to serve you better.

Everybody who has a commodity to offer wants to end up having satisfied customers who a comfortable to call back if need be without making a fuss. I bet you are standing in that circle of business geniuses right now.

So, what exactly is it about headsets that gives it the ability to lighten up your day everyday as an owner of a call center? In order that the above fact is realized these are questions you need to ask and provide answers to first.

  • Do you desire comfort for your agents while they work?
  • Do you look forward to a significant rise in productivity?
  • Do you have customers’ satisfaction at heart?

If your answers to the above questions is just a ‘Yes’ then here are some of the things you should know when in search of that perfect call center headset.

Due to the fact that as a representative or a call center agent, your headset is your best friend then you have to get the best of best friends for your representatives. Noise is something that has to be shut out completely when on a call. It disrupts any call and possibly causing an agent not to hear the caller properly or vice versa.

If you’ve noticed your representative asking for callers to clarify any given information, it could be that their headsets are not built to reduce the noise coming from the environment. This could lead to miscommunication or misinterpretation of information. It will be disastrous to have a 91 emergency call in and a misinterpretation of details occurs or probably a customer call in for orders? Therefore when in search of a call center headset, look out for those whose noise reduction abilities are top-notch.

Look out for headsets that have adjustable fits. This will help your agents who use it to be able to multitask if the need arises and to stay hands free without getting distracted by the headset. A reliable headset which will not break down at every given minute is something to look out for. Some other features to be put into consideration might look advanced but technology is advancing everyday anyway and you have to stay abreast with the technology of your time.

Some advanced features you should put into consideration while selecting call center headsets include its compression ability and device disconnect ability. A headset’s ability to compress removes sudden volume changes that could put off the customer and your representatives. On the other hand, your agents can leave their desks without actually ending a call because of the headset’s ability to quickly disconnect once it is no longer in contact with the wearer.

Having in mind that there are a lot of manufacturers out there with promising brands of headsets, you have to carefully be on the lookout for ones with high quality and the ability to make an agent’s job easier, quicker and a lot more gives them that boost of confidence that makes them feel that they are at the top of their game. Your workplace will be a happy place to be in with representatives feeling that way and customers who drop calls with a bright smile on their faces.

There are up to 25 headsets and more, available online for buyers out there. These headsets can advance your call center therefore taking it into the future and leveling up productivity. These 2019 list of headsets are top rated and are definitely the best for your call centers. Let’s check out the 2019 features which makes some of these headsets stand out;

  • KEEP THEM WIRELESS:Every call center wants to close a lot more calls than they did the day before and the day before that one. Having to drag around wires to get through just one call will keep your agent entangled in a lot of frustrated emotions. Therefore, ensure you go for wireless headsets. Apart from the fact it keeps you less tangled with the frustrations of your agents, it saves you time and power as you do not have any need whatsoever to charge it especially if it is a USB call center headset.
  • KEEP IT DUO AND NOT MONO:Mono headsets come with just one earpiece while duo headsets come with two earpieces. Why go for one when two earpieces offer you improved hearing and clarity. Therefore whatever noise cancelling headset you go for, just keep it duo.

Now a long list of 2019 headsets exist but the few that are listed below are your best bet at efficiency and increased productivity.


Welcome to the stereo Bluetooth world where a headset can keep you effectively connected to the world of callers out there without getting on your nerves.  This stereo Bluetooth headset has an active noise reduction and canceling technology which sets it apart from its counterparts.

The manufacturer have seen the essence of making calls without the annoying interference of background noise or static noise from calls and so the manufacturers of the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825 headset has come through with this exceptional technology embedded in its headset. It possesses sensors which are so smart that they respond to situations and conditions as they change.

Incoming calls on this device automatically mutes music if on play. This smart headset goes mute on its own when taken off. Being a high-tech headset, it possesses a software that enables it to be controlled from smartphones as long as its function customization process has been completed on your desktop.


This high-tech headset provides modes of connection for cases where you have to work with desk phones, personal computers or both. It has features of noise cancelling technology which takes care of confidentiality and fidelity for things discussed between a caller and an has a wide range of picking up sounds ensuring clarity during calls .its wireless feature makes for emergencies when the agent or wearer has to leave his or her desk to take care of a caller’s request. If you are in need of s best out of the rest kind of headset, then Jabra Pro 9450 is your sure bet.


In the world of wireless headset, Logitech H800 stands out with its Bluetooth and USB Nano receiver features which connect it to any device that supports either Bluetooth tech or USB tech. You’d agree that a two in one way of getting around a task is a great way of carrying out that task. It has lasting battery hours of six hours audio time. Featuring a high definition stereo sound, it makes for clarity during calls and ensures audible sounds with its native equalizer and sound drivers which are tuned.

These two technologies add u to provide a perfect audio experience for calls and music. Its microphone which filters out noise and can be st behind the headband when it is not in use is mounted on a boom which is very flexible for easy extraction and retraction of the microphone. If you are not satisfied by any 2019 call center headset out there then definitely the Logitech H800 is for you as it is also that duo wireless headset you’ve been in search of.


The Willfill M10B is not only a duo but also a wireless headset. Even though its manufacturer intends for it to be used on the road, it has come to be seen as a handy in different call centers and office environments. Having had in mind connectivity to smartphones, the manufacturers made it a Bluetooth connective device.

Therefore it can connect to any Bluetooth device especially ones in a smartphone device. Its battery life lasts for about 20 hours of call time which indeed makes it a lot more appropriate and efficient for call centers. It sits comfortably against the ear of the wearer therefore no discomforts are encountered by its user as a result of putting it on for a long period of time.


Ever heard of technology at its best? Well here you have it in the form of a headset. The Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML is designed in a way that it can easily be used by any agent. It manages calls easily because of the presence of an internally built call handler. It possesses an in-built voice clarity that makes its audio clarity at its best. This way you can hear the caller’s tone therefore preventing a case of misjudgment of tones.

You can use the Sennheiser DW Pro 2 in the noisiest of environment because it possesses an ultra-noise-canceling. With this headset, you can pull of an 8 hours full on talk time and possibly more in a short while of charging as its fast-charge abilities helps it charge up faster. This makes able to meet up with the demanding needs of a very busy call center or office environment.


Although the AGPtEK is non-wireless but it has been found to be of very good use when it comes to handling a noisy environment. Its designers manufactures it with a mindset of having it being use indoors in offices and any other call center.

It has an adjustable strap with can be adjusted to suit the users comfort. Its microphone is mounted on a flexible boom that enables easy adjustment of microphone when in search of the best position for voice clarity of both user and caller. This same microphone makes for industry-based noise cancellation. In its package you will find; a headset, ear-hanging headset converter, head-mounted headset converter, a manual for the user, an adpter and a hook up for easy use by the user.


This headset is manufactured in such a way that it is connected to a cordless phone which has a 2.5mm jack. Its ability to be one on either ear of the user makes its reversibility a feature which is sought for by many call centers. It has a better sound and microphone fidelity due to its cord. Holding a phone on your hand while constantly taking calls can cause fatigue; therefore its cord helps you keep the phone in your pocket while you go about other businesses. It wouldn’t be complete without its noise cancelling technology that sets it apart from some other headsets with cords.


This device handles calls via different connections to different devices such as smartphones, PCs, and desk phones. It has a 9 hours lasting battery for call time and the good news about a dead battery is that it can be charged and while charging a new fully charged one can be used to replace it. its wire is 350 feet long allowing you to take customers answers from any other table 350 feet away from yours without causing havoc or disconnecting the call. It has a good microphone audibility and clarity.

You’d agree with me that having this list narrows it down for you as you go in search of that noise canceling headset that suits your call agents in the office and your office environment best.

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