Bluetooth Headsets: The Definitive Guide In 2018



Bluetooth technology has sure come a long way since its inception. Headsets have been using this technology for their wireless ranges. These headsets are available in a range of makes and models. There are Bluetooth headsets available for many purposes such as a premium listening experience or a gaming oriented headset.

This guide will explain how the technology works and how to find the best Bluetooth headset that is right for you. 


Bluetooth Headset Wearing Styles

Bluetooth headsets come in a variety of styles. This means you are able to buy the perfect headphones to match your requirements. We will go through the main styles that these headsets are available in. 

Over-Head Headphones

One of the most popular Bluetooth headset options is the over-head. This is a classic headphone design. The design of over-head headphones is perfect for business owners. It prioritizes comfort and flexibility. People prefer the design of these headphones because it allows them to multi-task and for professionals they are highly recommended. 

  • Benefits

The benefits of these headphones are that they allow you to speak with potential clients while also being able to concentrate on something else. They offer a snug fit which means you can fully focus on the task at hand. Their ergonomic design ensures that you can talk and hear clearly

  • Recommendation 

For the over-ear design we recommend the Kotion Each 3506 wireless headphones. The headphones are compatible with a range of devices which makes them convenient to use. They feature the latest bluetooth technology in the form which allows a usability distance of up to 10 ft. The ear pads are comfortable on the ear and can be worn for long periods without suffering from fatigue. The sound quality is excellent which means you can enjoy music in the best manner and also understand the full message of what is being said. Overall these headphones combine the best style and features that is to be expected of an over-head bluetooth headset.

Kotion Each 3506 Wireless Headphones

Kotion Each 3506 wireless headphones


Behind-Neck Headphones

Another popular style is behind-neck (neck-sitting). They are also known as “neckband” headphones. As the name suggests, this design includes a solid band which goes around your neck. They can appear to look like a collar which gives them a smart and sleek look. These headphones are flexible and can serve a number of purposes

  • Benefits

The benefits from this specific design is that it is ergonomic and also displays a smart look. This can work well if you are in a professional setting such as an office. However, it is not only the aesthetic appeal that makes these headphones unique. Their lightweight designs make them far more flexible and alongside this they also tend to have improved battery lives. This suits someone who will spend prolonged periods using these headsets. They have a modern design that will only continue to increase in popularity. 

  • Recommendation

We recommend the Jabra Evolve 75e headset as an ideal behind the neck headset. They have successfully implemented this design into a pair of high quality and functional headsets. Jabara are leaders in bluetooth headset technology and this particular headsets a prime example of why they dominate this market. They are excellent headsets for professional use due to their excellent lightweight design and excellent battery life. They also contain smart controls which give you full flexibility in how you use these headsets. Their crystal clear audio makes them perfect for business users

Jabra Evolve 75e Wireless Behind-Neck Earbuds Headphones

Jabra Evolve 75e wireless earbuds


In-Ear Headphones

In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones allow you to have a closed music listening experience. The in-ear technology blocks outside noise and lets you focus. They are available in a range of sizes which means you can find the right fit for your ear. 

  • Benefits

The benefits of in-ear wireless headphones is that they are effective at blocking outside noise. Their design is tailored to fit your earbud which means you can enjoy added comfort while listening through these headphones. They also usually come fitted with intuitive control settings which give you a heightened experience. These headphones are excellent for sport and on the go use.

  • Recommendation

For In-Ear Headphones we recommend the BT260 Wireless Bluetooth headphones. They come packed with features and have a fantastic design. The design is fantastic as it features sweat resistant technology. The tips also come in variable sizes which means you can find the perfect fit for your ears. The lossless stereo ensures that you will get a high quality sound for these headsets that are extremely portable.

Enjoy in-ear headphones with the Arkartech BT-260 Sport Earphone

Enjoy in-ear headphones with the Arkartech BT-260 Sport Earphone


Wireless Earbud Headphones

One of the most convenient types of Bluetooth headsets are the wireless earbud versions. These are fantastic for listening to music while at the gym or on the go. They are great for people who do not like the bulky style of bigger headphones. They work effectively and give you the freedom of wireless technology. The range is generally good which means that the sound quality usually remains superior. 

  • Benefits

The benefits of wireless earbuds is that they are extremely comfortable and flexible. There is no need to worry about the physical constraints that arise with the usual headsets. You get a true wireless experience because only the buds are present. The lack of any cords is a major advantage of these headphones. The ear tips are usually only designed to stay in your ears. This means you don’t have to worry about them falling out. 

  • Recommendation 

We recommend the Akartech TWS 5.0 Pro airfits as they are incredibly innovative and well designed. The setup of these headphones is very simple. This means you can start using them straight out of the box. The hassle free design is excellent and there is no complicated pairing needed. The earbuds also respond to touch which means you can shuffle between songs with ease. This wireless earbuds give you full control while maintaining full flexibility. They will fit your ears and you can keep them on without worrying about discomfort or falling. There are hook covers to ensure they remain in your ears. The strong signal and the high audio quality means that these wireless earbuds are an essential purchase for any audiophile who requires the maximum flexibility. 

Arkartech TWS 5.0 Pro Wireless Earbud Headphones

TWS 5.0 Pro Wireless Earbud Headphones



How does Bluetooth Technology Work with Headsets?

The core technological component behind these wireless headsets is of course the Bluetooth technology. The basic connection mechanisms have not changed too much in the past few years; however the range of products with added features has increased. Companies continue to find innovative new ways to make the most of this technology

Wireless headphones will usually be paired with a device. In recent times, the number of compatible devices continues to increase. Most technological devices are able to harness Bluetooth technology. To properly function, the Bluetooth headsets connect to one of these devices. For example, this can include a smart tv, a games console, a PC, a smartphone, or even a smartwatch. This connection works through both the headset and the device sending and receiving Infrared signals/radio signals. Essentially, they find each other through these signals and become a match. This is known as pairing, and once a device has undergone this process, it is easy to connect to for future uses. The audio signals are received through the headphones, and the end result is the beautiful sound you get to hear. 

Bluetooth technology usually only works over a short distance. However, this distance continues to expand with innovations on devices. Many headsets also now have the feature to connect with multiple devices at once. This makes it convenient for you to quickly switch between the numerous devices you may have in your home. It means you do not have to waste time switching between devices such as your smartphone and laptop


Bluetooth Headset Connection Guides 

The connection aspect of Bluetooth will differ depending on the different devices. In some aspects, this can be somewhat complex for novice users. We will explain how to connect your Bluetooth headset to various devices.


Connecting your Wireless Headphones to a TV


Connecting your Wireless Headphones to a TV


Most Smart TV's will have Bluetooth support. It can, however, be difficult to find this option. These steps will help you to connect your device with your headsets. 

1.  You can usually find this setting within the options menu of your TV. 
2.  You should ensure your headset is charged and close to the TV. 
3.  The Bluetooth menu on your TV will have a "pairing" option which you should press. 
4.  You should also be sure to press the pairing button on your headset. 
5.  After this viola, you will have a working connection between your headset and TV. 

  • Apple TV

Another popular digital media player is Apple TV. These players have excellent support for all your Bluetooth devices. 

1.  First of all, you should make sure your headset is in pairing mode and close proximity to the Apple TV box.
2.  On your Apple TV, you should navigate to  Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth. 
3.  After pressing Bluetooth, the Apple TV will automatically start scanning.

4.  You should then see your headsets appear on the screen and you should click on the pairing button. 

5.  There will be a password request at this stage if your headsets have this option. 
6.   Your device will now be successfully paired.

  • Android TV

Android TVs have also become increasingly popular in the household. There are many makes and models of Android TVs; however, their operating system means they generally work in a similar manner when it comes to connecting Bluetooth devices. 

1.  You will need to select the settings option from the home screen of your Android TV. 

2.  You will see an option which says, "remotes and accessories." 

3.  You will need to press on this option and add your device.

4.   This will start the process of pairing. 

5.  You should then select your device once it appears on the screen.


Connecting your wirless headphones to a Games Console


Connect wireless headphones to an Xbox One


Games Consoles are another popular feature within the household. The latest generation of these consoles are packed with features and can do much more than just play games. Wireless headphones can be perfect when you are playing online and want to communicate with your teammates or friends. The connection can sometimes be a bit difficult so we will explain the best methods for connecting your headset to the console. Bluetooth gaming headsets allow you to speak and listen clearly while gaming. 

  • Xbox 360 & Xbox One

The Xbox 360 remains one of the most popular consoles in use. Its successor is also a prominent feature in households. It can be a bit tricky to connect your headsets with these two devices. The Xbox can be confusing to use with wireless headphones as it has different options for Bluetooth headphones and those without Bluetooth. 

  • Without Bluetooth

If you have wireless headphones without Bluetooth, you should switch them on alongside your console.

1.   After that, you should press the connect button. 

2.  After letting go of this button, you should quickly press the connect button your headphone. 

3.  Your headphones will now connect to your Xbox. 

  • With Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth headphones can gain charge from the console, then that is the easiest way for them to connect. 

1.  You should plug to headset into the console to ensure it can install the latest drivers.

2.  You should press the power button on your console until makes it a start-up sound. 

3.  It will also flash green. 

4.  Upon seeing this light, you should press the connect button. 

5.  The green light will then flash three times. 

6.  This will confirm that a connection has been made. 


Connecting your wirless headphones to Playstation 3 & Playstation 4 


Connecting your wirless headphones to Playstation 3 & Playstation 4


These two Sony Games consoles are amongst some of the highest selling consoles of all time. They both work similarly when it comes to connecting your Bluetooth headsets. PS4 Bluetooth and PS3 Bluetooth headsets allow you to enhance your online gaming experience. Both of these consoles require a registering process for your headset. 

1.  This is done through the settings menu. 

2.  This leads to "accessory devices" which will lead to the option, "manage Bluetooth devices". 

3.  You will see an option to register a new device. 

4.  You should press this to begin the pairing process. 

5.  Once your device has been paired, you can go to the "accessory settings" menu and press input device. 

6.  You can select your headphones as both an input and output audio device to use while gaming. 


Connecting your wireless headphones to iPhone


Connecting your wireless headphones to iPhone


The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. It is relatively simple to pair your Bluetooth device with any of the iPhone models. 

1. You need to access the settings menu from your home screen. On the general menu, you will find a "Bluetooth" option. 

2. You should turn the setting on and start scanning. 

3. The iPhone will list your device, and you can press the button for pairing. 

4. Finally, you need to push connect.

 You can find the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone by looking at online reviews. 


Connecting your wireless headphones to Android Phone


Connecting your wireless headphones to Android Phone


The Android ecosystem runs in many smartphones. They are relatively different; however, the pairing function remains the same throughout these different brands of Android smartphone. 

1.  You should go to Settings > Wireless > Bluetooth or Settings > Bluetooth. The choice you make depends on the model you have. 

2.  Once your Bluetooth is switched on, it will be able to detect your headset. 


Connecting your wireless headphones to iPod


Connecting your wireless headphones to iPod


The iPod is a classic mp3 player that has always been a staple of music listening. It is easy to pair your device so you can enjoy the countless songs that you may have. The ecosystem is similar to the iPhone, and therefore the setup process is also similar. 

1.  You should locate the settings menu. 

2.  From there you find a "general" button and a "Bluetooth" button after that. 

3.  You should slide to turn this option on. 

4.  The iPod will then show your device on the screen, and you can click it to begin the connection. 

5.  The pairing will then be complete. 


Connecting your wireless headphones to iPad 


Connecting your wireless headphones to iPad


The iPad is a popular tablet that also runs on Apple's ecosystem. 

1.  To connect your Bluetooth headset, you should go to the settings menu. 

2.  From there you should navigate to "general" and then to the Bluetooth option. 

3.  You should turn the Bluetooth feature on and then you will see your headset appear on the screen. 

4.  Tapping it will allow the Bluetooth headset to pair with your iPad. 


Connecting your wireless headphones to Mac


Connecting your wireless headphones to Mac


Macs have become a symbol of premium computing experiences. You can pair your Bluetooth headset with your iMac by accessing the bluetooth menu. 

1.  You should do this by accessing the "system preferences" menu and clicking on "Bluetooth." 

2.  After this, will see a sign to add a new device, and you can select the option that says "headset." 

3.  Then you should ensure that your headset is on; you should click on the search button to begin the pairing process. 

4.  To complete the process, you should click on continue and finish.  


Connecting your wireless  headphones to PC


Connecting your wireless  headphones to PC


Most PCs will run on Windows software. The method of pairing is similar for Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 and the latest OS which is Windows 10. 

1.  From the start button, you should be able to access the devices page. 

2.  From here, you will have the option to turn on Bluetooth. 

3.  This will begin a search for devices. 

4.  Once you see your device you can click on it to connect. 

5.  This will complete the pairing process and will allow your headset to automatically connect whenever it is in the vicinity of the PC.


Best Bluetooth Headset Suppliers

There are many Bluetooth headset suppliers, and they each have their specializations and methodologies for creating headsets that fulfill a wide range of purposes. 

Bose is one of the largest manufacturers of audio products. However, their Bluetooth headsets range is amongst some of the best in the market. The wireless technology is innovative and there a variety of different headsets available. They are a reliable supplier that focuses on superior audio high quality. Bose Bluetooth headsets are known for their exceptional sound clarity.

LG is another giant technology company. They have many products; however their Bluetooth headphone range stands out. Their headsets have standout designs which are aesthetic and also comfortable. The audio performance is also given high priority, and LG specializes in the clarity of sound within their Bluetooth headsets. LG Bluetooth headsets are well known for their high quality builds and reliability.

Jabra is smaller than the companies mentioned above; however they specialize in wireless headsets of all types. They have many positive reviews of their products by both professionals and consumers. Their Bluetooth headset range is innovative, reliable and focuses on performance. Jabra has years of experience and at the forefront of wireless headphone technologies. They have a variety of top rated Bluetooth headsets. 


Blueooth Headsets Comparison

We will now provide an overview on one of the best Bluetooth headsets available on the market and the features that make it stand out. This will inform you which features make them stand out from the competition.

This headset is the BT260 and it is available to purchase from ArkarTechMall.

  • It has lossless stereo and an ergonomic design that provides effective sweat protection.
  • The tips are available in a range of sizes which means you can be sure to find a good fit.
  • The inline mic and remote work well so you can handle calls on the go.
  • The neckband design is portable and easy to carry.
  • The battery life is excellent, and the talk time is 7 hours.

We recommend these Bluetooth headphones to anyone who requires the freedom of wireless without having to settle for inferior sound quality. At the same time, please check the comparison list as below.



You will now fully understand how Bluetooth headsets work as well as the range of styles they are available in. Also, you will now have a clear understanding of how to connect these headsets to your devices.

Bluetooth technology continues to innovate the way in which we can use headsets for a range of different purposes.

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