How To Choose Best Headphones For Running?

Running alone or exercising can be quiet uninteresting sometimes. Workout songs help in triggering your muscles to exercise or run. If you want some engaging music in the background, running headphones are always necessary. They help to keep you rhythmic as you run. People often lose their motivation while running. But, fortunately, headphones are here to accomplish your daily running routine.

For this, our article focuses on tips for choosing the best headphones for running. And, we came up with some useful information you should know before having them. So, let’s read and check how you can have the best of them. 

Tips to choose the best headphones for running:

There is a whole new range of headphones available in the market nowadays. From wireless to sweat proof, you can have a robust headphone for your running. So, here is our list for choosing the right one.

Sweat and waterproof: how to choose headphones for running

This is the most concerning thing while buying a headphone. Your headphones should be water and sweat proof. Because obviously, you have to complete your rounds of running while sweating. Being sweat proof will make them more durable. Also, they will be helpful if it rains. So, being sweat proof is a definite thing to consider while buying headphones. 

Brand and reliability:

Buying from a good brand may be expensive for you. But, it is going to give you back for a long time. Obviously, you don’t want to tap it again and again to work. So, go for a good headphones brand which has a name in durability and quality. We are not talking about Samsung or Apple only. There is a bunch of other companies selling quality headphones. Also, if something goes wrong with the product, you can always use their warranty. So, be on a safer side. 

Comfort and fit: 

The best headphone is comfortable ones. Definitely, you don’t want them to be pressed hard against your head. They should allow you to run comfortably at any speed without worrying about movement. They should be lightweight for your head.

Battery life: 

Another important thing to consider is battery life. Typically, a good headphone’s battery will last for up to 25 hours. But, it depends on the usage of the buyer. So, buy the one which has a good battery time to offer.

Style and Design:

The most common design of headphones is over the ear. You can wear them comfortably and for a long time. Another design gaining attention is behind the neck. They are also referred as over the shoulder. They also give a good quality sound. Another important is to consider the unsealed design. Though you will hear some external noise, it is important for safety purposes.

Wireless or wired, which one? 

Wireless headphones: wireless headphones connect through Bluetooth and NFC. You can move freely with them without getting tangled up in the wire. These headphones can connect to your device for up to 30 feet. Also, you can run your headphones using smartwatches. So, you can access the loaded music and enjoy.

Wired headphones: this includes the direct connection with the cable. So, you have to carry your smartphone or MP3 player in your pocket. Also, there are chances of getting your wires tangled up. 

So, our honest opinion is that you opt for wireless headphones. Though, the wired headphone is good too and inexpensive. But, you will be at ease after having wireless ones in your running routine. 

Sound quality: 

This is the most important point. A good headphone must be able to give you the best audio results. There should be no disturbances in the audio be played. The quality of sound should be such that you can listen to the lyrics and music clearly. 


Headphones prices vary from functions to functions. Also, some branded headphones from may be very expensive. Like for example of Apple and Samsung, they are quite expensive. But, never ever compromise quality for the price. A good headphone may cost you more but it will last longer. 

Choose color wisely: 

Choosing the color wisely is important. It depends on person to person. If you sweat a lot, try to avoid choosing light shades. 

Check all points are intact: 

Check your headphone thoroughly before buying it. There should not be any broken wire around connections. Also, the material quality should be good.


  • Try not to choose the noise canceling headphones. It is for your safety purposes. Completely blocking the outer noise as you run is dangerous. So, try to buy the one which has unsealed designs. This will keep you informed about your surroundings. 
  • Always buy the one which is fit for your head. You should not feel any pressure on your head after wearing it. There are some headphones which are padded on the inside. They are comfortable and you can wear them for a long time. Choose your perfect size or adjust them accordingly. 
  • If you know that you are a busy person, buy the one with good controls. Because you might need to pick up the calls in the middle of your track. In that case, it is not easy to take your phone out to answer. Such gadgets allow you to receive the calls in between and then continue to your music.
  • To get the best results, match the impedance of headphones to your audio device. This is measured in ohms. Otherwise, you will have to turn the volume a little up compared to your audio device. 


The headphone is a great buddy of those who works out. It keeps them in a form to run or exercise. Completing the running is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And to ensure that, headphones play a very important part. It is both style and ease. If you can have the same results for a lesser price, go for a cheaper one. But, if durability matters, you will have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars. Because, above all, quality really matters. There are lots of companies selling quality headphones. And, one needs to have a knowhow before buying one.

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