Top 18 Best Headphone Brands That Deliver High Quality and Best Sound



There are many popular headphone brands in the market today. This can be very confusing to consumers who want to know which brands deliver high quality. The popularity of a brand does not mean it provides a high-quality product. So, it can be quite challenge to choose the best headphone brands from the worst ones. 


This article will show the best headphone brands and explain the reasons why they are better than their competition. This will allow you to spend your money wisely on the brand that can provide the best audio quality. 


How To Find The Best Earphone Brands?

You can find the best earphone brands by conducting research through shopping sites which can show user reviews. You should also check authority headphone websites such as whathifi and trusted reviews. These websites showcase the best earphone brands and will allow you to see what makes certain brands better than others. You should go through a few different sources as this can give you a full picture of what the best earphone brands are. 


What Makes The Best Headphone Brands?

There are so many headphone brands to choose from. Some are large and have been making headphones for over a decade, which are offering different types of headphones to attract lovers of the music. Whereas, others are smaller and have only recently started making headphones. However, the age and size of a brand do not mean that the brand is the best. Large companies have bigger budgets for marketing. This allows them to sell the aesthetic of the brand rather than the quality of the headphones. Some lesser known brands are produce some of the best headphones on the market. The best brands are reputable. Furthermore, they have a track record of providing high-quality products. Also, they are the ones who focus on producing the best sound possible. 

Here we list the most critical factors that place a brand in the top tier for headphones:

  • Price - The best brands offer value for money. They have a range of pricing options and will include budget headphones. They will also have more expensive headphones; however they justify the high price. 
  • Features - The best brands create headphones that include an array of different features. This includes water resistance, noise cancelling, sound amplification and voice assistants. 
  • Design  - The high-quality brands will focus on design. They take pride in creating products that are sleek and aesthetic. 
  • Sound Quality - The design means little if the sound quality is not up to scratch. This is why the best brands utilize the latest technologies to ensure their products produce an excellent sound experience. 
  • Connectivity - The best brands will offer a range of connectivity options. Their headphones will be compatible with a variety of devices. Also, their headphones will be able to connect through the latest Bluetooth technologies. 
  • Durability - All of these factors mean little if the headphones cannot last. The best brands design headphones that are highly durable. This allows them to have longevity. 


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What Are The Best Brands For Headphones & Earphones?

All of these brands produce the best headphones and earphones in the industry. They meet our rigid requirements, and we personally recommend each of these brands. Our strict requirements mean that only the absolute best brands were able to make it to our list. 


1. Sennheiser


Sennheiser headphone brand


Sennheiser was founded in Germany in 1945. They are one of the most well-known brands for headphones and earphones. The company continues to earn this global reputation through a unique focus on sound quality and design. Sennheiser headphones cater to a range of budgets; however, they ensure that all their models follow the same high standards. This brand creates a wide range of audio equipment and is a popular choice for professionals. Also, they have a fantastic range of gaming headsets. 

The pros of Sennheiser headphones are their superior sound quality and good bass. They have some of the best over ear headphones available on the market.  However, the build quality could be better. 


2. Audio-Technica 


Audio-Technica Headphone brand


Audio-Technica is a popular brand amongst audiophiles. They were founded in 1962 in Tokyo. They utilize the Japanese aesthetic within their headphones, and there is a key focus on comfort and quality. There is a reason why audio enthusiasts gravitate so highly towards this company. They have a number of models that are amongst the best sounding headphones on the market and therefore they rightly deserve a spot on our list. 

The pros of Audio-Technica are they feature excellent mid-ranges, and do well at sealing outside sound. They have some of the best audiophile headphones available on the market. The clamp of the cushions can sometimes be uncomfortable for certain people. 


3. Bose


Bose Headphone brand


One of the most recognizable brands in the audio market today is Bose. They were founded in 1964 and continue to carry a swagger around them. This is a brand that exudes luxury and premium quality. However, this aesthetic matches up with the audio quality that Bose headphones provide. They are specialists in noise cancelling technology. As it was their team that actually made the discovery of this technology. Since this discovery, they continue to develop noise cancelling headphones and have some of the best models in this category. 

A massive pro of Bose is the inclusion of this technology within their headphones. Most wireless headphones have mediocre noise cancelling capabilities, but Bose excels in this area. The sound signatures, however, can be unappealing to some consumers. The DSP plays a significant role in adjusting the EQ.


4. AKG


AKG Headphone brand


AKG is a lesser known brand. However, they rose to prominence in 2016 after a buyout from the technology giant, Samsung. The original brand was conceived in Vienna in 1959. This company specializes in open-back headphones. They continue to contribute to developing the technology and design of these types of headphones. They have a range of models that suit all budgets, and Samsung's purchase of the company highlights the quality that they see. 

The pros of this brand are that their headphones have rich bass and superior sound quality. They provide a perfect option for entry-level audiophiles. However, they do lack portability and do not give a flat response. 


5. Beyerdynamics


Beyerdynamics headphone brand


Beyerdynamics were founded in 1924 in Germany. Although they are one of the lesser known brands on this list, this does not reflect on the quality of their audio products. They develop headphones, headsets, microphones and even conference systems. They specialize in gaming headsets which are amongst some of the best on the market. The sound quality and speech intelligently continue to receive high praise on various review websites. However, there can be a lack of detail in the bass. 


6. Bowers & Wilkins


bowers-wilkins headphone brand


Bowers & Wilkins are one of the newest brands to make it on our list. They are less than 30 years old, as they were founded in 1996 in England. Outside of Britain, they lack much notoriety. However, they make it on our list because of their high-performance audio equipment. They specialize in wireless noise cancelling headphones. These have have numerous positive headphone reviews. 

The pros of this brand are the superior build quality of their headphones. However, they are relatively pricier than similar headphones. 


7. Grado Labs


Grado Labs headphone brand


Grado Labs were founded in 1953 in Brooklyn. They specialize in hand creating high-end headphones. Their headphones are open air. They focus specifically on the audio quality, and their product line features high fidelity audio. This company is not well known since they do not actively market. They rely purely on consumer recommendations. Their headphone line has reasonable prices. Especially when taking into account the superior audio quality they provide. The parts are also easily replaceable. However, the bass is somewhat inferior and weaker. 


8. Shure


shure headphone brand


Shure were founded in 1925 in Illinois, USA. They specialize in high-end earphones and headphones. This brand offers reasonably priced headphones which are suitable for professionals and DJs. They have portable, open back, and closed back headphones. They provide bassy headphones and also headphones ideal for professional recording. This brand is excellent for audiophiles due to their emphasis on sound quality. They have reasonably priced budget headphones; however their premium sound quality headphones are on the higher scale. 


9. Sony


Sony headpone brand


This is a brand that doesn't even need an introduction. Sony is a global powerhouse and produces a vast range of technology products. Sony has a long history with headphones, and it has been responsible for pushing innovation in the industry. This company has enormous marketing budgets to sell their headphones and earphones. However, their headphone range does live up to the hype. Sony earphones are also of high quality. They have some of the best budget headphones available on the market. But, they also specialize in premium headphones that have superior noise cancelling technology. Also, their headphones come with many connectivity features.  However, the hinges on their headphone range can be fragile. 


10. Panasonic 


Panasonic headphone brand


The next brand on our list is another technological powerhouse. They are a Japanese company that was founded in 1918. Panasonic offers some of the cheapest headphones that include noise cancelling technology. This makes them an excellent choice for those who require budget options. However, this comes at the cost of sound quality. Although, the quality is reasonably decent; it still lacks in comparison to some of the other brands on our list. 


11. Beats by Dre (Apple)


Beats by Dre headphone brand


Beats by Dre are amongst some of the most popular headphones available on the market. Apple recently bought them in a huge deal. The company had origins with musicians, and this is why they have a focus on producing professional sound. In a sense, these headphones have become a fashion item. They are on the slightly pricey side; however you pay for the aesthetic as well as the sound quality. Their wireless range is lightweight and has excellent battery life. The pros of this range are the sleek design and heavy bass. However, this brand comes with an expensive price tag, and the sound quality is inferior to some competitors. They are some of the most expensive headphones to feature on our list. 


12. JBL


JBL headphone brand


This company was founded in 1946 in Los Angeles. They specialize in wireless headphones that come with excellent Bluetooth functionality. You can pair them with multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. They also have a focus on headphones that are travel-friendly and lightweight. The sound quality is also , and the price range is affordable. 

The pros of this brand are the audio clarity and excellent base. However, the noise isolation is relatively inferior when compared with similar brands. 


13. Skullcandy


Skullcandy heaphone brand


Skullcandy is one of the newer brands on this list. They were founded in 2003. They have since become one of the most popular headphones. They place a particular emphasis on sound clarity. This brand has an affordable range of earphones and headphones. They have some of the best in ear headphones currently available. Their range is built to be durable and stay long lasting. They also specialize in on ear headphones that combine a sleek design with superior comfort. This brand creates some of the most comfortable headphones available.  The bass on their headphones is also good. However, the noise cancelling technology could be better.


14. Phillips


Phillips headphone brand


Phillips are a Dutch technology company founded in 1891. This makes them one of the oldest companies on our list. They focus on the design and comfort of their headphones. Weight can be an essential factor in headphones. The lightweight design on the Philips headphones range means they can offer superior comfort. The range also has many features and they have reasonable prices. One thing to note about their headphones is that their can be audio leaks at loud volumes.


15. RHA 



RHA is a British brand who make innovative headphones and earphones. Their earphone range has been given rave reviews for their premium features. The audio signal is split and this results in better sound production. There is also far less distortion that most other earphones. They come at a cost, however, it is justified with the superior fidelity. 


16. V-Moda


V-MODE heaphone brand


V-Moda is amongst the newest brands to feature on our list. They were founded in 2004 in California. They have a range of audio products; however, they specialize in durable crossfade models. This brand designs their headphones with durability in mind. This allows their range to be reliable and long lasting. The sound quality is also good and the brand provides a deep bass as well as superior high end clarity. However, the high durability does result in bulkier headphones. This extra weight can be uncomfortable after long sessions.


17. Creative 


Creative heaphone brand


Creative technology are a brand based in Singapore. They produce many audio products and other digital entertainment products. This brand places emphasis on design and comfort. They have a decent price in comparison to other similar brands. One thing that this brand could improve on is their active noise cancelling technology. Reviewers and consumers have noticed that the noise cancelling technology is inferior to some of the competition. 


18. Arkartech 


Arkartech headphone brand


One of the newest brands on our list is Arkatech. They are a reliable Chinese manufacturer who specializes in gaming headphones. Their headphones have received excellent reviews from consumers who have been quick to point out the excellent value for money. Their range of gaming headphones is focused on superior sound quality. The comfort is also essential for these types of headphones and users have noted that they could wear these headphones continuously. 

They also specialize in Bluetooth headphones that provide a convenient wireless experience. There is usually a reduction in sound quality with Bluetooth, however, these headphones retain the same high standard of sound. This is an emerging company that will no doubt become bigger soon if they keep producing the same high standard of headphones. They provide some of the best headsets on the market.  

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