Best Gaming Headsets 2019: Xbox One, PS4, and PC Models

Best Gaming Headsets 2018: Xbox One, PS4, and PC Models


Know what's as good as a floor-shaking subwoofer?

The best Xbox One and PS4 gaming headsets.

Not only do they provide top-quality sound, but the best gaming headsets also let you communicate with other gamers in multi-player games. Add to this the brilliant noise isolation that they offer, and these headsets transform your gaming experience.

There is, however, one problem.

You're spoiled for choices when it comes to headsets. Put simply, the market is inundated with gaming headsets; so choosing the right one is akin to picking a needle from a haystack. But fear not, for we're here to help.

Best Gaming Headset 2019 – Comparison Table

Best Gaming Headset: What To Look For

When choosing a gaming headset, make sure it provides all the below-mentioned features.

  Comfortable to wear

Know what differentiates a comfortable headset from the one that hurts? Three features. The first factor which is common among all the best headsets is that they are all comfortable to wear. That means you can wear them for extended periods without feeling bowed down under their weight.

Second, they provide a headband which is adjustable; so as you can shorten or increase its length to complement your head size. And finally, the headband should be adequately padded to separate your head from the raw metal which is the material of construction of the headband.

  Surround Sound

To explain the reason why we recommend surround sound, it is necessary that we compare it with stereo. Surround sound – as its name suggests – provides sound from all four sides via a subwoofer and two speakers. That means you're able to listen to everything coming from the source.

Stereo sound does the opposite by constructing a sound field at your front. This sound field is similar to the one which we encounter in cinemas. While there isn't much wrong with it, stereo sound doesn't keep out the ambient noises. So, if you want to focus solely on the game, go for surround sound.


Provided you're into online gaming – or love playing offline with friends – microphones are a must-have feature. They double the fun by letting you communicate with other gamers. Consequently, you can both hear and deliver expletives depending on your position in the game.

That said, having a microphone on its own isn't enough if you want decent sound clarity. What you need, instead, is a noise-cancellation feature. This feature deletes all the ambient noises from the delivered sound. Hence the hearer won't have to focus to listen carefully to the words of the speaker.

  Adequate battery life

Unless you belong to that rare breed of humans who love dealing with wires, you'd end up choosing a wireless headphone. Once you have done that, the next question you'd have to grapple with is battery timing.

Remember, every headphone has two batter timings:  music playback time and running time. Since the first one tells the battery timing when you're playing the game, make sure it is more than five hours, at least.

  Active Noise Cancellation

Remember, nearly every headphone worth its salt offers passive noise cancellation feature these days. What you should look for, however, is active noise cancellation. For, unlike its passive counterpart, active noise cancellation doesn't block outside noise with headphone's earcups.

Instead, it has an external mic which inverts outside noises before canceling them. That feature allows you to indulge in the game without being distracted by outside noises. Active noise cancellation is also a must-have feature if you're going to play in a noisy environment.


Best Gaming Headset: Questions To Answer

Unfortunately, there are some features in gaming headsets which do not fall in the one-size-fits-all criteria. That means nobody but you could decide on those features. Let's take a look at some of them.

  • Earcups Material

Starting with the material of earcups, and leather is undoubtedly the most stylish and comfortable to wear. However, due to its thickness, leather will make your ears sweat in summer conditions.

Next comes the less spongy materials like foam and silicone which allow better flow than leather; hence cooling down your ears. However, they aren't as comfortable to wear for extended periods as leather.

  • Unidirectional or Omnidirectional Mic

Unidirectional mics pick up noise from one direction whereas omnidirectional pick it up from all sides. Unidirectional mics are best for those who don't want their mic to pick up external noises. They are helpful if your area is saturated with ambient signals that you may want your mic to avoid.

However, if you're fond of hearing other things besides the speaking voice, go for omnidirectional mics. Still, if you ask us, we'd recommend unidirectional mics for the simple reason that they tolerate less outside interference.

  • Wired or Wireless

One of the reasons many gamers prefer wireless headphones is because they offer more freedom. With no wires to restrict them, gamers can sit at a considerable distance from the console.

However, wireless gaming headsets do have their shortcomings. For instance, they require daily charging if you're a hardcore gamer. And while the cable is infamous for restricting movement, wired headphones provide better sound quality.

  • Closed or Open Headsets

Closed Headsets are the one where the speaker is enclosed by a solid cup; so your ears are physically shielded from the external noises. They do not leak any noise and physically block outside noise. That makes them a good choice if you want to focus solely on your game and avoid your roommate getting distracted from game noises.

Open headsets, on the contrary, provide less muffled and more natural sound. That is, because, they have perforated ear cups. On the flip side, there is the problem of the sound getting leaked out of an open-ear headset. Also, unless they have active noise cancellation, open ear headsets would let in external noises.

  • In-Ear Vs. Over-the-Head

Similar to any other headset, gaming headphones come in both in-ear as well as over-the-head models. Over-the-head models provide better sound quality and leak less sound. Also, their speaker size is bigger, though you can't wear them for listening to music while lying down.

In-ear models are a better option if you're looking for a gaming headset which can also assist in listening to music on the go. However, at the cost of sounding biased, the in-ear models' sound quality is inferior to over-the-head ones.

Best Gaming Headsets Over $100

1. Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset

Best Gaming Headset 2018 Xbox One, PS4, and PC Models - Logitech G433 7.1

Available in royal blue and fire red colors, the Logitech G433 is a do-it-all gaming headset which works with both PC and gaming consoles. That, in turn, makes it one of the best gaming headsets in 2018.


Starting with a look at its design, the Logitech G433 has both its earcups covered with brightly colored fabric. Both the earcups can rotate through 90 degrees and you can also extend the G433's top section to fit your head size.

What's more, both the earcups of the G433 are replaceable and you don't have to purchase replacements from the market. Instead, both the microfiber pads as well as the cloth are provided in the box. Granted, they feel anything but luxurious, but you can still wear them comfortably for extended periods.

To impress us with its versatility, the Logitech provides various connectivity options. For instance, if you're a console gamer, you can make do with the boom mic and 3.5mm cable. The PC gamers, meanwhile, can use the USB DAC to get 7.1 virtual surround sound. An additional cable, which boasts an in-line mic and which can be used for gaming on your smartphone, is also provided.

Furthermore, the G433 comes with a free-to-download Logitech Gaming Software. This software lets you enable/disable DTS virtual surround sound, create user profiles, and adjust the EQ settings. It also lets you create game-specific settings for different games.

As for its sound quality, the G433 provides a total range which won't sound too bassy either. That said, it didn't fare well while delivering higher notes, but that's what you should expect from a headset belonging to this price range.

More importantly, the boom mic of this headset is a resounding success and provides crystal clear recordings. Activate the USB DAC – a feature which enhances soundstage in games – and you can also get virtual surround sound. Noise-cancelling technology, which is on offer as well, will easily filter out low levels of background noises.

User Critique

If there is one charge we can level at the G433, it is that not many persons would use it as a dedicated music headset.

Final Verdict

Thanks to its comfortable design and a smooth sound signature, the G433 comes across as a decent all-rounder. Go for it if you can't afford to pay over-the-odds for a decent gaming headset.

2. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

As gaming enthusiasts might tell, Turtle Beach has always enjoyed a fanatical following among professional gamers. Then, unbox the Elite Pro, and you'd know the reason why.


As stated earlier, the Elite Pro has a fairly chunky build with hints of orange accenting its black design. Still, despite its massive build, the Elite Pro provides a good degree of adjustment. You can control the tension of its headband and the earcups also provide a good degree of rotation.

Both the ear pads as well as the headset's top part feature a memory foam to provide a comfortable fit. The ear cups, thanks to their fabric and leather coating, fit very comfortably. Gamers wearing glasses can reduce pressure on the same by pulling the strap located underneath the earcups.

What's more, despite the fact that it is a stereo headset, you can activate the optional “Tactical Audio Controller” to get 7.1 surround sound. Other notable features include microphone monitoring, mixer sliders for controlling volume, aux input, and a dedicated DAC.

Before we turn our attention to its audio quality, a word about the add-ons that this model provides. There are two of them; a USB DAC for PS4 and an official adapter for older Xbox Controllers. Granted, they aren't anything revolutionary, but they still add to the value provided by this headset.

Finally, and in stark contrast to various gaming headsets, audio quality isn't the weakest feature of the Elite Pro. Instead, it's the strongest; as evinced by the Elite Pro's clear vocals, balanced mid tones, and strong bass delivery.

User Critique

Even though the Elite Beach Pro provides virtual surround sound, the quality isn't as great as real surround sound. For, to name one culprit, the virtual 7.1 audio won't keep high background noise from messing with its microphone's audio quality.

Final Verdict

Turtle Beach's extremely comfortable and equally handy Elite Pro is a dream come true for professional gamers. Provided you're about to embark on an extended gaming session, this is the headset you should want for company.

3. SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC Gaming Headset

While almost all gaming headsets vouch for their sound quality, only a very small amount are as good-sounding as the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. Therefore, if you use your PS4 to listen to music and watch films besides playing games, this model is worth considering.


Starting with the best this model has to offer, and its frequency range of 10Hz to 40Khz comes into play. It is way beyond your usual headsets which provide a range of 20Hz to 20Khz. Such high sound range allows the SteelSeries to deliver immaculate sound quality to your ears.

Similar to other models from the same manufacturer, the left earcup's bottom is provided with a volume scroll wheel. Its top, meanwhile, has an easy-to-locate and cleverly designed mic mute button. For, when the mic is muted, the button will stick out a more to let you easily know the mic's status.

What gives the Arctis Pro truly revolutionary sound is the GameDAC. A Digital to Analog converter (DAC), it allows the SteelSeries to provide 96-kHz audio. In plain English, that means less-compressed audio and higher-resolution sound.

What's more, since it has a big OLED screen, the GameDAC lets you breeze through your headset's volume settings. For instance, you can use it to fine-tune audio settings, decide your i/o sources, adjust the display's brightness, and set the glowing color of the Arctis Pro, among other features.

As for its gaming performance, the SteelSeries lets you hear every kick, punch and background noise with unparalleled clarity.  Yet the best bit about the SteelSeries is its microphone. So clear and crisp audio quality does it provide that I'd use it for gaming, podcasts and Twitch Streams too.

User Critique

Despite all its useful features, the GameDAC has one major flaw: its cables are way too short. So, unless you're a PC gamer or going to use your PS4 in the command center, the length of the cables might prove to be a bummer.

Final Verdict

With its stunning sound and state-of-the-art aesthetics, the SteelSeries' latest headset is one for the audiophiles among gamers. Add to this its several input options, accessible controls, and excellent virtual surround sound, and it becomes a gamer's dream.

Best Gaming Headsets $50 - $100



Let's be honest; the Void Pro RGB is a carbon copy of its predecessor, the Corsair Void. If you found the original Void endearing, you'll love the Pro, too. But what if you, like us, found the previous model lacking in several small ways? Well, then you won't find any of those flaws in this model.


Built chiefly from plastic, the Void Pro RGB is fairly lightweight. It offers three versions including an analog, USB-wired, and wireless model. All the models have their top section made of a thick, matte plastic expandable headband. The earcups, meanwhile, can be rotated up to 90 degrees.

Look down from the headband, and you'll come across thick metal pillars which give the frame rigidity and sturdiness. There are two buttons and a dial to let you change EQ profiles, adjust volume and mute the microphone. The wireless model has a self-muting mic and a micro-USB port as well.

Offering you the freedom of a wireless, the Void Pro offers a maximum range of 40 feet. It has 16 hours of battery life, though, as stated in the buying guide, battery life isn't the same as playback time. Still, even if it comes to single figures, the battery life is still commendable.

Turning our attention to its audio quality, the Void Pro upholds Corsair's tradition of providing great sound. Whether you're playing games or listening to music, the audio quality will remain the same. And while the bass level will be a little low at the front, you can easily adjust it with the software.

Finishing with a glance at its software, and it offers plenty of useful features. It lets you adjust the RGB lighting and make changes to its EQ. You can also enable real-time audio monitoring as well as adjust the levels of the mic using the software.

User Critique

Users have complained that even on lower settings, the Void Pro RGB tends to get loose. Consequently, it might slip around if/when you lean back.

Final Verdict

Despite coming at a below average price, the Corsair Void Pro RGB offers all the bells and whistles. Go for it if you don't want to break the bank for a high-quality gaming headset.

2. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

At the cost of sounding hyperbolic, the HyperX Cloud II offers everything an average gamer might want from their headset. For instance, it works with all major gaming platforms and has a few luxury touches despite its below-average price tag. But will it suit you? Let's find out.


Focusing on what's crucial and ditching the extras, the HyperX Cloud II has subtle logs, muted color scheme, and reserved brushed metal finish. Consequently, since it isn't as gaudy – or cheap-looking – as other gaming headsets, you can easily wear it out on the street.

More importantly, it is on the headset's interior where it displays its utility. The cushioning of the ear cup, apart from being cushioned by memory foam, provides a luxury finish. Another nice feature is the presence of a detachable microphone, though that makes it easy to get lost.

Also, while it doesn't have in-line controls, the Cloud II's USB Sound card has plenty of them. You can use them for adjusting the volume, tweaking the sound level of the mic, and enable/disable 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Impressively for a headset of this price spectrum, the Cloud II offers plenty of extras. There's an airline adaptor, a carry case, and replaceable velour cushions, provided you want to replace the supplied leatherette ones. An in-flight headphone adapter is also on offer.

Thanks to its 53mm drivers, the Cloud II provides a unique combination of punch at the low-end and agility at the higher one. Another notable feature is the 7.1 channel virtual surround sound, which the USB sound card provides on both PC and Mac.

What the virtual surround sound does is to take sound from a multi-channel source – such as a movie or a game – and remixes it to complement the range of the headset's stereo speakers. The results, as you might guess, are brilliant; you can easily guess where things like footsteps, bullets or grenades are coming from.

User Critique

Despite its meager price tag, there are two features which we expected to see in the HyperX Cloud II but didn't. The first of those is audio customization whereas the second is active noise cancellation technology.

Final Verdict

Even when you account for its low-end bass, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II is one of the coziest, stylish below-$100 headsets available.

3. CORSAIR HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

CORSAIR HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

For those of you who are on a tight budget – and want your headset to look elegant – HS50 from Corsair deserves your attention. However, since you are subscribing to the low-price spectrum, don't expect the HS50 to offer any fancy surround sound or flashing lights.


Even in the crowded under-$100 marketplaces, the HS50 doesn't offer anything flashy to beat really stand out visually. Its design, which consists of a jet-black finish, is about as dormant as they come. However, once you discount its reserved looks, and start looking on its features, that is where it impresses.

Take, for instance, the upper section of its headset. Covered in a leatherette material, it isn't extremely luxurious but feels super-cozy against the head. The ear cups let you choose a ring of your color and contains a mute button and volume dial.

What's more, the mic is detachable and for the PC gamers out there, a dual-3.5mm jack is inside the box.

As for the sound quality of this model, and you'll find it surprisingly excellent for a basic stereo model. The reason for this is the 50mm drivers which are at least 10mm more than what you normally get from headsets belonging to this price spectrum.

Consequently, sound like the heavy-thump of a jump, a kick of football and blaring of the blasts are all loud and clear. Furthermore, whether you're streaming music on your smartphone – or viewing movies on the console – you won't find the HS50 wanting.

Lastly, while the detachable microphone is small and looks flimsy, it still provides excellent audio quality. Persons whom we talked to using the mic heard us loud and clear, and its recordings were super-sharp, too.

User Critique

The fact that the HS50 provides a detachable headset comes forward as a double-edged sword. At one end, it gives you freedom whereas, on the other, you can easily misplace the mic.

Final Verdict

There are headphones out there who force you to stand up and take notice. Clearly, the HS50 isn't one of them. It is one of those budget models which do the job and keep on doing it for ages.

Best Gaming Headsets Under $50

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Name any console you can remember, and the HyperX Cloud Stinger works with every one of them except Nintendo Switch. Then, once you're done recalling names, look at this model's price tag to be blown away by its meagerness.  


First thing first, the Cloud Stinger is a stereo wired headset with a jet-black design and two HyperX logos on both earcups. For use on a PC, it comes with two 3.5mm jacks – one for the mic, one for audio. For consoles, a single 3.5mm jack is provided, though you need to purchase a separate adapter for older Xbox one controllers.

To take your comfort to a whole new level, the headband has an adequate amount of faux leather padding underneath. The headband is also adjustable, with the degree of its adjustability so large that it can fit the head of any size.

Come down, and you'd notice that both the earcups – which are covered in faux-leather – can rotate 90 degrees. The right ear cup also has a volume slider for volume adjustment with the noise-canceling mic on the left ear cup. 

What's more, despite its ridiculously low price tag, the Stinger provides decent sound quality. It provides a very well-balanced audio quality and doesn't allow the bass to overpower, either. That, in turn, allows it to provide well-calibrated gaming sounds whether you're playing RPGs or turn-based strategy games.

That said, you might want to note that the HyperX is a stereo sound gaming headset. That means you might need to look elsewhere if you're a 7.1 Surround Sound aficionado.

User Critique

Since it is an analog gaming headset, the Cloud Stinger won't desist from picking up a good amount of background static from your connected device. That might pose a problem if you're using onboard motherboard audio chips.

Final Verdict

For those of you who want to get their hands on a budget console or PC gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud Stinger should sit atop your wish list.

2. Sades A60 USB Gaming Headset

Sades A60 USB Gaming Headset

For a headphone that comes at the below-$50 prices, the Sades A60 is perfect for RPGs.  Add to this its clean aesthetic appeal and super functionality, and purchasing this model seems a no-brainer.


So what is the Sades A60 all about? For starters, it has the high-end noise-canceling technology to block out external noises. Not to mention its microphone which can swivel 360 degrees to provide ultra-clear sound to the listener.

Looking at its comfort level, and two features deserve a mention in this regard. The first of those is the memory foam cushioning which underlines the headband and make it comfortable to wear. Both the earcups to have memory foam cushioning to provide comfort.

Visually speaking, and the inexpensive price tag of this model hasn't condemned it to cheap looks. Instead, its exterior has a sort of futuristic appeal about it. And while first looks might fool you to believe that it is heavy, let me tell you that the Sades A60 is anything but.

Turning our attention to its microphone, and the Sades A60 reinvigorates your experience on this count. The microphone isn't something special, mind it, but it provides clear sound to the listener. And the controls of the mic are located on the headset.

Finally, in stark contrast to many other PC headsets, the Sades A60 doesn't need a driver. Instead, it offers plug-n-play capability, which means you just connect it with your PC and start having fun.

User Critique

The Sades A60 is a gaming headset dedicated to PC games only. That means PS4 and Xbox users should look elsewhere.

Final Verdict

For the PC users out there, it doesn't getter any less expensive than the Sades A60. So, if all you wanted is a budget option, this is the model you need.

3. Logitech G430 7.1 DTS Headphone

Logitech G430 7.1 DTS Headphone

Although it is mostly true that “you get what you pay for”, sometimes a product offers more than what its price tag may suggest. The Logitech G430 falls in the exact same category.


As far as its looks are concerned, they are an epitome of elegance and simplicity. Gone is the sleek black leather of its predecessor. On its place has arrived a vibrant blue cloth which, as we found during testing, is comfortable to the hilt.

Logitech took the decision to take the bulky hardware away from the headset and into the cord. That decision, as one might guess, has severely reduced the weight of the headset. Consequently, with this headset lighter than its competition, you can wear it for hours with ease.

Complementing the comfort of this model is its great sound quality. Whether you test it with music or 7.1 surround sound audio, you won't notice any shortcomings. The bass is prominent, mids crisp and clear and the lows easily distinguishable.

One thing which Logitech has done with the G430 differentiates it from the competition: standard audio and mic jacks. Combining with the USB connector – which is also provided in the package – they save you from the hassle of downloading and installing drivers.

User Critique

Even though it is a closed-back headphone, the Logitech G430 has a curious knack of letting in external noises.

Final Verdict

Thanks to its smart and lightweight design, the Logitech G430 can be comfortably won for years on end. Add to this its decent sound quality, and it easily makes our list of one of the top 9 gaming headsets in 2018.


There you have them; 9 of the best gaming headsets for Xbox One, PS4 and PC systems. Not only do most of these headsets are compatible with all three gaming systems, but they are all reasonably priced. That means we have made sure that you come back from this article only after deciding your favorite gaming headset.

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