Top 19 Best DJ Headphones To Buy In 2019 [Complete Guide & Reviews]

Top 19 Best DJ Headphones To Buy In 2019

When it comes to DJ equipment there is a no less important piece of equipment. This also applies to headphones too. If you are pursuing a career as a Dj or even if it is your hobby it is essential to know the best DJ headphones on the market. Choosing the right pair of headphones will give you a sensible, balanced and realistic effect.

When performing on a stage or when recording a new piece in a studio the interference from the screaming fans and the ambient sound interfere with the performance. A good pair will enable you to hear the elements in the music and then play around by using different things like pitch, frequency, and range. This will produce well-balanced and pleasant output. 

What Is A DJ headphone? 

Headphones are headphones, right? So, what makes DJ headphones so special. And why DJs need this type. First of all these types of headphones are mostly used by professional DJs to help them make music on the spot. First thoughts go for blocking out the outside noise and providing higher and more detailed sounds. Yes, this is important too, but creating music on stage, cueing is not a simple thing.

In fact, choosing the best headphones for mixing will help you listen to the next track just before playing it. It will help you incorporate the tracks a lot easier because of the high-quality sound and the advanced noise-canceling feature.

Even though, there is much software that helps in cueing now experiencing the real thing can't be compared to anything. But you can only do it by using this type of headphones.

Another thing, the comfort that they feature is significantly different from standard headphones. When playing on stage or in the studio you will be wearing them for hours almost every day. This means you need to be as compostable as possible.

So, what is a DJ headphone? They are specially designed headphones that will help DJs listen to tracks in more details, and help them incorporate the tracks. Next, they feature higher quality headbands and ear cushions that ensure maximum comfort and also noise isolation and cancelation. Plus, standard headphones can't withstand the everyday transport and the harsh environment that they go through. 

What Types Of Headphones Do DJs Use? 

There are two important and interesting discussions here. What makes DJ headphones so perfect that even professional and famous DJs use them? What brands they use and why? These two things will help you choose the best mixing headphones. 

#1 - What Makes A Good DJ Headphone? 

Setting aside the price of the headphones, a good DJ headphone has few features that you should never ignore. These are also the features you need to consider when buying. After all, you want to get the best sound quality and stay comfortable at the same time. 

  • Sound Quality 

Just like any other gadget, different DJ headphones have different specifications. There are headphones that are made to go along with the bass-busters and others are targeting audiophiles, who want natural and clear lows, mids and highs. 

Whichever you choose you must consider how loud they produce the sound. This is very important especially if you perform at an event or in a club. Plus the sounds should be clear when you listen to higher volumes. It will allow you to make best-match when using a wide frequency range.  

  • Comfort 

Most manufacturers and also professional DJs consider comfort one of the most important feature. You should do this too. You will have the headphones on you for hours and they need to be comfortable. They shouldn’t feel tight but they should rest easy on the ear. 

The best DJ headphones usually have rubberized or spongy headbands and this ensures easy to rest on your neck. Plus the rotating cups are perfect for adjusting to different mixing stances. 

  • Durability 

If you perform regularly it means that the headphones will be trotted on, moved around, yanked and stuffed in bags and also sweated for hours. Therefore it is good to consider a pair that is made from good and durable material. 

Strong construction and good material mean you won't need to buy new headphones all the time. In fact, there are headphones on the market that won't last even one performance. 

  • Closed-Back Design 

Keeping out background sounds and noises is essential. Actually, the headphones won't do their job if they don't block any outside noise. For this, it is better to choose a closed design and not the open casing type.  

  • Noise canceling 

Creating a good music piece can only be done if you don’t hear the outside interference. Not only it is distracting but also you won’t be able to hear the sounds and music you create. 

  • Design 

As a DJ you need to look perfect for the part, just like other performers do. Of course, if you are working as a producer you might not consider the design. However, if you are a performer you need to look perfect for your gigs too. In this case, the design of the headphones is important as sound quality and comfort. 

I must say, high-rated headphones, like professional DJs use, are expensive. However, the best advice when buying one is not to compromise. This is because it is one of the most important parts of the equipment. However, there are still a few types of headphones that you can buy within your budget limit and get amazing results and create incredible music. Here are the best DJ headphones you should choose from. 

#2 - Famous DJs and their Headphones 

So, let's take a look at our favorite and most famous DJs headphone choice. Do they spend a huge amount of money on their headphones? Or even cheap DJ headphones can give professional experience. 

Getting himself in #1 place with his three singles ‘Sexy Beach’, ‘Getting over You’ and When Love Takes Over’ he partnered with famous Beats to make the best Mixer headphones. And since then he uses Beats by Dr. DreMixr.  

David Guetta DJ Live Tomorrowland

Starting his music career at age of 18 and together with Ericsson in 2013, he created ‘Avicii x You, the first song with “crowd-sourced”. On stage and when mixing he uses V-Moda Crossfade Over-ear Headphones.  


Famous DJs/Musicians - Avicii 

AntronZasleavski, known as ‘Zedd’ is a Russian born musician, Dj and music producer whose mainly focused is electro house. He is known by the production of the ‘Hot Dance/Electronic Songs’ placing himself on #1 place, while ‘Clarity’ charted #8 and provided him the Grammy award ‘Best Dance Recording’. He also uses Beats By Fr. DreMixr when creating music and on stage. 

ZEDD - Full DJ Set 

Kaskade, Ryan Raddon, an American record producer and DJ. He was voted the ‘Americas Best DJ 2011' by ‘DJ Times'. He got most of his fans along with Wolfgang and Deadmau5 during the American ‘progressive house’ in 2008-2009. He prefers using the best Dj headphones, Pioneer HDJ-2000. 

Kaskade | Ultra Miami 2018 | Full Set

A DJ with a Greek-Swedish background, Steve Angello is an owner of record label and producer. Before 2013 he was in ‘Swedish House Mafia'. After leaving he became a solo musician and produced musing in his name.  While he prefers using Sennheiser headphones, he stopped using any headphones when he was accused by one of his fans of using fake, pre-recorded tracks. He responded that he had lost his hearing in the left ear. So he learned to DJ without any headphones. 

As you can see, even famous professional DJs not always spend their money on expensive headphones. There is always a good pair of headphones that will deliver high-quality sound, comfort, sound isolation and durability just for the right price. Plus you now know that the following headphones will give you the performance that famous DJs get. 

Steve Angello | Tomorrowland Belgium 2018

Best DJ Headphones Under $300 

#1- Pioneer DJ DJ Headphone HDJ-2000MK2-K 

Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2-K are professional headphones for professional DJs and one of the best headphones for music production. It is not just this. Even if you are preparing for your first performance in front of an audience you should invest in Pioneer DJ Headphone HDJ-2000MK2-K. 

These are one of the most comfortable headphones you will use. They are not heavy and their design is slim and sleek. This means they are less bulky compared to the full sized headphones. Of course, with this price, you are really going to get a premium construction. 

#1- Pioneer DJ DJ Headphone HDJ-2000MK2-K dj

When I used them the material is durable, made from metal, and it will definitely be with you for many performances. Also, thanks to the folding ear cups, I didn’t have problems transport them. In fact, you will be able to transport them easily in a case storage. Plus they turn 90 degrees in order to fit different DJ styles. 

The best part is that I got all the benefits from its features when I tested them in front of an audience and when recording in a studio. 

In the studio, they produced tight bass, detailed mids, and crisp highs while in front of noise audience I got perfect noise cancelation. So I guarantee you that you will be able to hear more of the music you create.


  • Weight 10.5 ounces
  • Closed-back headphones
  • Sound Isolation
  • Clear sound
  • Rotatable Housing 


  • Perfect to use for hours
  • L-type jack that will protect the connection even if they get knocked 


  • It would have been better to have just a little bit softer cushions 

#2 - V-MODA Crossfade M-100 

I love he Crossfade M 100 style and design. They are very stylish headphones that have a customizable and unique design. I was surprised by the flexibility because they are made from good sturdy metal. 

You will definitely get comfort, however, some of you might find them tight. Still, the well-cushioned cups will ease the tension and I wore them for hours on stage and in the studio. 

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 dj

When it comes to transport they can be easily folded thanks to their medium size and the over-ear feature. Plus once folded you will get a compact form that won't take up much space. So, placing them in the carrying case will be easy. 




What about sound quality? When it comes to sound quality I got above average results. They produce good midrange and bass, amazing low distortion and treble. But I prefer them to use only on high and moderate volumes. This is because unlike Pioneer DJ Headphones these are good for moderate and high volumes but not a loud and distracting noise from the cheering people. This is because I didn’t get good isolation on stage. 

In my opinion, if you are just starting in this profession or you are still learning V-MODA Crossfade M 100 headphones are made for you. 


  • Weight 9.9 ounces
  • Over the ear
  • High-quality sound
  • Supreme Comfort
  • Durable – steel frame 


  • An amazing durable construction
  • Unique design
  • Great sound


  • For some people, they might be tight 

#3 - Beyerdynamic DT 1350 PRO 

In some cases, I prefer headphones with simple and classic design and Beyerdynamic DT 1350 PRO are just perfect for those occasions. Even though they have a simple style they are built with incredible quality plastic and metal. What surprised them was even of the durable material used to make them they are lightweight and very comfortable. And this is mostly thanks to the plush pads. 

The sound quality, of these headphones, will surprise you. In fact, you will hear highs as you have never heard before. I enjoyed the way the sound sparkled. The best part is that the bass is good enough not to overpower the other audio frequencies. The mids are in resolved range and the treble won’t ring/hurt the ear. 

Beyerdynamic DT 1350 PRO dj

So together with sound and noise reduction, you will have an amazing performance in front of an audience and in the studio. 


  • Weight 6.48 ounces
  • Low distortion levels and high efficiency
  • 2-year warranty
  • Comfortable skin-soft pads
  • Noise reduction 


  • Natural, detailed and smooth sound
  • Very sensitive
  • Comfortable 


  • Lacks Bass 

#4 - Sony MDR1A Headphones 

This MDR headphone is an update of MDR1R and they are full-size over-ear headphones. They are the best way for you to enjoy the sophisticated design of Sony.  I experience music at different levels and I am sure that you will too. Plus the sound experience is even better when combined with the top-notch comfort. 

While the series of Sony MDR, like most Sony headphones, are bucketful the new updated version MDR 1A are with the best style. Also, its light constriction will give you the best comfort. This means you can wear them for hours without experiencing discomfort. 

#4 - Sony MDR1A Headphones dj

What about sound quality? I love these for studio use. I am not saying that they are not good for stage use, but I liked them more when I tested them in a studio. This version really worked on the treble, it has higher-frequency info and the bass was good too. Plus it offers much higher-frequency info. Not forgetting the mid-range, which is good too. 

I recommend these headphones because they promise high-resolution audio and great comfort. 


  • Weight 7.9 ounces
  • Improved bass
  • Guaranteed comfort
  • Better acoustic seal
  • Multiple Connections 


  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to adjust
  • Clear sound


  • Outside noise interference 

Best DJ Headphones under $200 

#5 - Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphone 

One of the best audio Technica headphones. You will get the best features with Sennheiser HD 25. This is thanks to the lightweight construction and the sound quality. I loved the closed-back design, because I got high isolation of outside noise, and this makes them amazing for performing on stage too. 

At first, I thought they are tight, but instead they were comfortable and can be worn for many hours. Just make sure that you adjust them properly before wearing them for longer periods. 

Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphone dj

You might think that their design does not resemble with professional DJ headphones but that is not true. The construction is light but the sound is incredible. You will feel rich bass and crisp highs and mids. Sennheiser has defiantly found an amazing balance between the high and low range frequencies. Even if you are listening on the highest volume you won’t hear any distortion or clipping. 

In my option, they are perfect for beginners and for professionals too. 


  • Weight 5 ounces
  • Clear sound
  • Crisp highs and mids
  • High sensitivity
  • Rotatable capsule 


  • Comfortable
  • High-quality sound
  • Easy to adjust 


  • The designs in not that attractive

#6 - Pioneer DJ DJ HeadphoneHDJ-1500-N 

Pioneer, one of the best headphone brands.I really love the golden design of these DJ headphones. They will get the attention of the audience for sure. But the stunning design is not the only reason why you need these headphones. They offer an amazing sound experience. 

I was surprised by how light they are and still durable. Plus the foam pads will provide maximum comfort. I used them for hours when I performed and when I used them in the studio. 

I guarantee you that you will get high-quality audio components, a perfectly balanced sound on all frequencies. Plus with the soundproofing chamber, you will get total elimination of the outside noise. This will give you the ability to monitor the beat and the music you create in loud environments.  

Pioneer DJ DJ HeadphoneHDJ-1500-N dj

These are one of the best DJ headphones that you will be part of you for a long time. And all thanks to the durable and comfortable construction. 


  • Weight 10 ounces
  • Full enlaced headphones
  • Balanced sound
  • Noise cancellation 


  • Comfortable and stylish at the same time
  • Perfect for a loud environment 


  • None 

Best DJ Headphones Under $150 

#7 - Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphone 

The Beats Mixr Headphones are definitely built for professional DJs. In fact, all those tests that were done thousands of times were for a good reason. All those tests were focused on comfort, sound quality and isolation and they weren’t released until targeted performance quality was reached. Well, they did it. These are one of the loudest and lightest headphones for DJs I have ever used. 

However, these headphones are not only made to provide the best sound quality. I am astounded by the design, which is perfect when you are on stage. While they have a good and strong construction it would have been better if they have done a few more tests for the comfort. Some people say that they are a bit tighter. But this is not what I experienced. In fact, the extra soft ear pads are what give a comfortable feeling. 

When it comes to durable they are built for rigors DJ environment and constant transporting. But even with the strong material, they are still flexible headband, easily foldable and lightweight design makes them perfect for transporting. 

Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphone dj

With the total isolation of outside noise, great bass, and loud audio you will have an amazing performance. When I used them I was able to hear the smallest details with clarity. You will enjoy every piece you create. The company's mission was a success with Beats Mixr. One of the loudest DJ headphones. 


  • Weight – 7.4 ounces
  • Great bass
  • Clear and loud sound
  • Easy to transport 


  • Lightweight
  • Great outside isolation
  • Nice Design
  • Durable 


  • For some people, the bass might be too much 

#8 - Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone

The new headphone model Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is designed for professional monitoring applications and they are one of the best Sennheiser headphones. This means that they are just what you need for your DJ experience. 

I don’t mind that they don’t have a modern style; the company defiantly was more focused on sound performance, build and comfort. Well, I really did get the best performance and comfort with Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone. 

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone(new model) dj

The sound quality is wonderful. First, the bass is accurate and clean and then the mids are surprisingly detailed and clear. Plus when I used them in front of a screaming audience the outside noise isolation in combination with sound quality, the headphones delivered r a tremendous variety of sound info and the music was delivered in the best way. 

What I didn't like was the frame, which is made of plastic. But that was only at first glance. When I wore them they had amazing padding that provided comfort. This also helped in avoiding the creation of hotspots. 


  • Weight 10 ounces
  • Natural and detailed sound
  • Clean bass
  • Easily replicable padding 


  • Very comfortable and perfect fit
  • Durable
  • Great coiled cables 


  • For some people, the audio might be too loud 

#9 - V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited Edition 

V-MODA Crossfade will give you the opportunity to get lost in your music. Yes, really, and for an amazing price too. The first thing that got my attention was the dual-diaphragm drivers that provided me with crystal clear and immersive audio. Plus the with the foal cushions I got perfect noise isolation and also a great comfort. 

Over the ear design always provides a perfect fit and comfort, but with these, I can guarantee you that they will withstand different environmental conditions. They stay durable while transporting and humidity and I am sure that even at low and high temperatures, UV exposure and salt spray they will still hold on strong. 

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited Edition dj

I got a combination for perfect stage performance, all distractions were blocked, a high-quality sound with impressive bass tones, clear highs and mids, and detailed sound. This means you will be able to create your music both on stage and studio without worrying about the sound quality. 

What I really liked about these headphones is that they come with gunmetal shields. With the standard package, you will get metal shields. However, if you want them to be modified like a different color or get laser engraving you will need to contact them before buying. This is a perfect way to advertise your logo. 


  • Weight 9 ounces
  • Military Grade quality
  • Vivacious highs, vivid mids, and vibrant bass
  • Passive Isolation
  • Memory Foam Earcups 


  • Comfort even after 8+ hours of use
  • Amazing style and design
  • Clear and detailed sounds 


  • I don’t have anything to say negative about these headphones 

Best DJ Headphones Under $100 

#10 - PIONEER HDJ 500 

Here it is again, one of the best headphone brands, Pioneer. So what makes these headphones good for a DJ? Well, here is what I think after testing them. Due to the low impedance, they produce loud and powerful sound and strong bass. However, they don't fold up and don't have a caring case. Which might be a downside especially if you need to transport them every day. 

However, the downside is substituted with the soft urethane pads They definitely provide a slip-resistant and comfortable experience. Thanks to the easily adjustable options you will be able to use them for a longer period without filling them tightly over your ears or your head.  

The sound quality of these DJ headphones is great even for a novice. This is because they have the ability to reproduce efficiently low-frequency range. It means that the tempo of each track can be heard clearly and in detailed. However, even for Pioneer, I was surprised that the noise isolation is not complete, which means sounds that are near might disturb you. So, it is better to use them in the studio and consider other Pioneer Headphones for stage performance. 


Still, PIONEER HDJ 500 provides performing flexibility. Especially thanks to the rotating right earpiece back and forward by 60 degrees. 


  • Weight 6.9 ounces
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Rotating arm to rotate the earpiece on the right by 60 degrees
  • Clear audio even in the critical mid and low 


  • Amazing headphones for an amazing price
  • Perfect fit and comfortable
  • Great sound for studio 


  • Doesn’t fold and there is no carrying case included
  • The isolation is moderate 

#11 - Shure SRH750DJ  

These professional headphones will give you a lot for the price. In fact, the sound is brilliant. The bass is amplified and yet not overpowering. I played different tracks and types of music and I really like the bass. Then there is the high treble; I heard all instrumentals clearly. What about vocals? I love them; sharp and clear. From trying so many headphones I can say that there are some headphones that overpower the vocals with the music but not in this case. With Shure SRH750DJ the vocals and the music are in balance. 

Do you want to buy headphones that will last for a long time? They get these. I am saying this because they are very easy to care for and maintain. Simply detach the cord and fold them. Place them in a safe place together with the detached cable. Plus, the durability will ensure that they are going to be your friends for a long, long time. 

Shure SRH750DJ dj

These headphones don’t block the outside noise completely but I was able to focus on the music and hear it clearly. Even without noise cancelation and isolation feature the ear pads will snug fit and will block out the external sounds. The ear pads also provide additional comfort even after hours of use. 


  • Weight 0.5lb
  • 10 ft. cable
  • Replaceable ear pads
  • Rotating earpiece
  • Clear sound
  • High-output bass 


  • Durable and comfortable at the same time
  • Easy adjustable
  • The optimized power and increased impedance makes them perfect for DJ mixers


  • If you are looking for a sleek and slim headset these headphones might not be for you 

#12 - Sony MDR-V55/WHI DJ Style Headphones 

You will be amazed how these headphones provide clear sound for any type of music. And I mean pop to blues, classical to country and even electronic. By using them for several days I can assure you that they provide punchy enough lows, good mids, crisp highs, and rich bass. Overall they provide great balanced audio. You won’t be looking for more, especially in its price range. 

I wouldn’t prize them about their durability because they seem to have a type of plastic that can be easily damaged. However, this is also affected by how well you take care of them.  

Sony MDR-V55 WHI DJ Style Headphones dj

Sony MDR-V55/WHI DJ has soft ear pads and they are easy to adjust f you will be able to get amazing comfort for few hours of use. 

Overall, they look stylish, well the white color has its own shine, they have great sound quality but not good sound isolation and doesn’t block out outside noise very much. This makes them better for studio use then in front of screaming audience. 


  • Weight 7.76 ounces
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Over the ear headphone
  • Color White
  • 94 ft. Cable Length 


  • They are stylish
  • Have a good sound quality
  • Comfortable 


  • The plastic makes “squeaky” sound and some of you might find it irritable 

#13 - Status Audio CB-1 Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones 

Status Audio CB-1 are definitely durable and comfortable monitoring headphones. Even better they are stylish which is perfect for your DJ style. In fact, these are made for professional that really want with DJ as a career. 

First, let me tell you about their comfort. You will forget that you are wearing headphones. They are light and the cushioning on the earpieces and headbands is very well padded. You will enjoy listing to your music pieces for hours. 

Then there is the isolation. There is no leakage from them. This makes them perfect when recording a new peace. The microphone won’t record the music that comes out from the headphones. 

Status Audio CB-1 Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones dj

I was truly satisfied with the sound quality. The highs and mids are balanced and rich, the low sounds crisp and they provide detailed and clear sounds. 

When it comes to durability Studio Audio CB-1 are pretty strong. In fact, you will be able to bend them very far and they won't show signs of cracking and breaking. Plus, the input jack has a twist lock. 


  • Weight 8 ounces
  • Over the ear design
  • The memory foam ensures comfort
  • Durable
  • Massive and detailed sound-stage 


  • They look very nice
  • Easy to adjust and find the perfect fit
  • The sound is really clear loud and detailed 


  • Don’t come with a carrying bag or case 

#14 - Skullcandy Mix Master Headphones 

The Skullcandy Mix Master Headphones are designed to provide detailed, loud and accurate audio, which makes them perfect for DJs. These are also suitable for any other use like listening on MP3 players, cell phones, smartphones, and mobile devices. 

With the over-ear earpads, I got great comfort even when I used them for a few hours. However, I don’t think that they are durable enough. They seem very light in their built and the material used is not a good one. This can be said as the only negative side. 

 Skullcandy Mix Master Headphones dj

Still, they are both very comfortable and stylish, and what I liked is that I was able to choose between green, red and black color. Skullcandy Mix Master really understands the needs of one good DJ, style and sound quality in one headset. 

In addition, they are very practical with detachable cable and easy to fold structure. Plus one of the earpieces is rotatable enabling you to hear the music you create and the ambient sound. 


  • Supreme audio
  • Comfortable ear pads
  • Detachable cable
  • Good Isolation 


  • Great for both stage performance and studio recording
  • Extremely comfortable 


  • The quality of the material is low 

Best DJ Headphones under $50 

#15 - Audio-Technica ATH-M20x 

I would really like to prize the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x headphones. The prize goes for durability. I guarantee you that with good care you will have them for a long period of time. 

Even though these are cheap DJ headphones you will be able to record your music without the sound of the headphones mixing in with the microphone. Plus, even for its affordable price you will get high-quality sound. Although I love the lows, mids, and highs wasn’t satisfied with the bass. Still, they provide acceptable balance. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x dj

When it comes to comfort you will get a perfect fit with amazing comfort. This means using them for hours won't get you in an uncomfortable position. So, I really like how comfortable they are. 


  • Weight 6.7 ounces
  • Advanced high-quality built
  • Perfect for low-frequency performance
  • Excellent sound isolation 


  • Great seal around the ears
  • Great fit with easily adjustable headband 


  • The bass is ok but not good 

#16 - Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones 

You simply can’t ignore the low price of Tascam TH-02. Even if the price seems too low for being professional DJ studio headphones, they are. 

Actually, I didn't believe that they were able to provide high-quality sound. But I was wrong frequency and sensitive response deliver balanced sound that fit every tune no matter the genre. These produce rich low, clear mids, and pristine high. 

Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones dj

Not only that Tascam TH-02providesexcellent music and sound experience but they also provide modern clean and comfortable bedding. You will be able to work with them for many hours and still feel comfortable. 

The best part is that they are not just for DJs. They are great for everyone that loves and enjoys a good piece of music. They will really become part of your life. 


  • Weight 15 ounces
  • 90-degree ear cups rotation
  • Soft padding on the headband and ear-cups
  • Modern Style
  • Durable 


  • Good audio quality
  • Comfortable
  • Foldable and easy to transport


  • Some of you might find them heavy 

#17 - Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones 

With the Behringer HPX2000, you will truly get exception sound at surprisingly affordable price. Plus this manufacturer has proven itself with durable and high-quality products for any musician. 

These headphones will give you the comfort you need to listen to your music for hours. Plus both of the ear cups are rotatable which give you an additional advantage when you are on stage. 

 Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones dj

Is the sound quality good for this price? It is actually perfect. Even at low frequencies, I got rich bass with crisp highs and. They are perfect for studio use. However, you might want to consider other headphones if you want to use them on stage in front of a loud audience. This is because there isn't good sound isolation. 


  • Weight 10.9 ounces
  • Super highs and high-definition bass
  • Rotating ear cups
  • Durable 


  • Comfortable and easy fit
  • Really great bass 


  • No sound isolation 

Most Durable DJ Headphones 

#18 - Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones 

If you are looking for DJ headphones that are made with durable material, fit for harsh environments then you need to buy Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Even with everyday use, you will have them for years. After using them for few performances and studio recordings I can guarantee you that they are the best audio Technica headphones. However, just like everything else in life, you need to take care of them in order to last. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones dj

Aside from the durability, I was amazed by the clear sound and amazing sound isolation, which is perfect for stage performance and for recording in the studio. 

With the professional grade ear cups, Technica ATH-M50x  will give you excellent comfort. In addition, the ear cups can be turned 90 degrees and they can be folded for safer and easier transport. 


  • Weight 6.7 ounces
  • Pro Sound
  • Amazing Sound Isolation
  • Comfortable and perfect fit
  • Carrying case included 


  • You can use them both for studio recording and on-stage performance
  • There are included accessories
  • One of the most durable headphones 


  • I can’t seem to see any negative sides 

#19 - Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone 

One of the best DJ headphones is Sennheiser HD 700. In my opinion, I wouldn’t think twice before getting these. And I mean this especially because of the durable material used to make them. Not only the ear-cups and the headband but also the cables are made from great material. In fact, they look and feel durable, and I am sure that you will use them for many years to come. 

The Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones really do features outstanding soundstage and balanced and warm audio. Plus with the paired with high-quality drives provide high-pressure levels and immense audio. Both background sound canceling feature and sound isolation makes them the perfect pair of headphones. 

 Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone dj

When it comes to comfort and design I think that Sennheiser HD 700 is revolutionary. Even if you are going to wear them for 12 hours you won't feel them pressing down on your head or over your ears. One of the best Sennheiser headphones in durability and sound quality. 


  • Outstanding soundstage
  • Sound with High-Pressure Levels
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Innovative design
  • Low THD 


  • For real, they are extremely durable
  • The sound is unforgettable
  • Rotatable ear cups 


  • There is nothing negative about these headphones 


Even though years have passed and technology has improved unpredictable too fast, the main features that are important when choosing DJ headphones are still the same. Here the new technology has only improved the features but nothing new is added. 

This means you need to stick to the above tips when choosing the best DJ Headphones for you. You are the only one who knows what fits your needs perfectly. But with the reviews of the best DJ headphones, you will be able to make that decision faster and easier. 

I hope you stay strong and continue on your path as a DJ. It is a really interesting career. You help people enjoy music and life and you bring joy to them. Continue doing this but this time with your new piece of DJ headphones. 

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