5 Best Budget Gaming Headphones Under $50

For serious gamers, being fully immersed in battle and hearing the slightest movements around you is crucial. Communicating with teammates as you rally out instructions seconds away from being ambushed can make your video game experience. 

High-quality gaming headphones under 50 can lessen distracting outside noises and help you zone in on the important ones. When you're plugged in, you would rather hear a click going off to your right than your little sister singing. 

These gaming headphones can help improve that gaming experience. However, most gaming headphones can be expensive and hardly affordable. To get you zoned in, under control and aware of everything, here are the best budget gaming headphones under $50.

Why do we need gaming headphones? 

Gaming headphones on the market today can improve your gaming experience in a few different ways. 

  • They Block External Noise

    You can completely tune into your game and only your game. Most gaming headphones have a noise-canceling feature or use sound isolating ear cups.

    • They Limit Disturbance For Others 

      Not only does it block out noise coming in it blocks noise going out. This will eliminate your game and all the noises from it disturbing others. 

      • They Let You Enjoy the Game to the Fullest

      With superior sound quality, enjoy your games with crisp and clear sound. You'll need these when relying on audio queues during the game. You can gain reaction time, which is important with whatever game you may be playing. 

      • They Give You a Link to Online Teammates

      The great thing about gaming is that you can connect with friends all over the world. When you need to communicate with them, a high-quality gaming headset is necessary.

      • They Give You Comfort While Playing 

      Especially if you play video games for long periods of time, it’s important that your headphones are comfortable. Comfort is definitely a factor when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of headphones. 

      How to select the best budget gaming headphones? 

      First and foremost, you need to make sure whatever gaming headphones you're looking into is compatible with the console you’re playing on. Once you've established a connection, select the best budget gaming headphones based on these features:

      • Sound Quality:

      Your headphones should have the ability to produce spacious “surround-sound” so that you have an in-depth experience during your game. In other words, sounds should seem like they are coming from different directions. 

      • Build Quality:

      You don't want to pay a fortune for some headphones but you also don't want to go extremely low budget. When it comes to gaming headphones, the material and build of the headphones are crucial to how long they will last. 

      • Weight and Comfort:

          Especially when you're playing for hours, you’ll want your headphones to fit comfortably on your head. They should be light and not weigh you down. They should also put very little pressure on your ears and head—big, plus, over-ear headphones are the best. 

          • Budget:

          Unfortunately, the price always plays a part in a decision. When it comes to choosing the best gaming headphones, it’s also a factor. You can find gaming headphones under your budget that also meet your needs. 

          • Compatibility:

          With whichever game console you may be using, it’s important to know if your headphones are compatible. If you happen to purchase a pair and you can’t even hook it to the system, your investment will have gone to waste. 

          • Wireless:

          Not getting tangled up in wires while you're playing is also crucial to performing well. You can also multitask with wireless headphones. 

          • Driver Size:

          The larger the diameter, the better the sound quality will be. If sound quality is important to you, driver size should be, too.

          • Reliable Microphone:

          Delivering sound quality to others while you're talking on your microphone is also extremely important. Being able to relay quick messages to your teammates can be crucial during your game.

          • Durability: 

          Since you made such an investment, you'll want the headphones to last. Investing in a quality pair of headphones with an essential aspect of durability is important.


          The Five Best Budget Gaming Headphones:

          1. MG-2 Gaming Headset For Budget

          MG-2 Gaming Headset for budget

          Compatibility Sound Quality
          Perfect for gaming, the headphones not only deliver a great design, they also offer a built-in vibration engine that tailors to the game. This low-to-medium audio signal and vibration offer a realistic experience. With a stereo sound mode and a driver size of 10 mm, you really get the best sound experience.

          The MG-2 is compatible with multiple forms of gaming modes like your mobile, your laptop, your PC, and your tablet. You can also use it for Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 4, etc.

          Weight and Comfort
          Designed for comfort, the small, soft earbuds can help you play for hours without discomfort. The ergonomic wearing style and ear cap prevents slipping from ears and promotes exceptions wearing comfort. Weighing in less than half a pound—only .28 lbs—these 1-year warranty headphones are lightweight and built to last. 

          The microphone comes with a lightweight stainless steel design and an ear cup made of silicone, making it extremely light and durable.

          A unique ear cap design can help block out exterior noise and give you comfort for hours. The headphones are built with efficiency and comfort in mind. The headphones have small and soft earbuds so you can game for hours without discomfort.

          Upon delivery, you'll get one pair of earbuds, a manual instruction, and one PC extension cable. 

          Designed for any type of gaming, the microphone has a dual inline and adjustable noise-canceling microphone.


          2. ArkarTech V-3 Portable Budget Gaming Headset

          V-3 Gaming Headsets for budget

          Sound Quality
          Designed with a 50 mm driver, you'll have vivid stereo sound. The microphone is also omnidirectional, which can be set at any angle or folded up when not being used. 

          The ArkarTech portable headphones not only can go anywhere with you, they are also extremely compatible. Able to use with PS4, the new Xbox One, your PC or laptop, your Nintendo Switch, PSP, tablet, and any mobile phone.

          Weight and Comfort
          Not only does it have an adjustable headphone, making it suitable for adults and children, it is also extremely lightweight. These headphones weigh less than 360 g and have an adjustable padded headband. The over-ear ear pads have top-grade softness and air-permeability. 

          The set of headphones are highly durable with working metal parts. This professional gaming headset also has a set of LED lights. 

          The headphones come in a red and black design, as an overhead and over-ear pair of headphones.

          The microphones come with one headset, an adapter for your computer, and an operating instruction manual.
          The headphones have a highly adjustable, multidirectional mic. You can fold the mic up when not using it. 


          3. ArkarTech V1 Stereo Over-Ear Gaming Headset for Budget

          ArkarTech V1 Stereo Over-Ear Gaming Headset

          Sound Quality
          The professional gaming headset works with a high-precision magnetic neodymium driver. This will give you powerful, stereo sound with a deep bass.

          The over-ear gaming headset from ArkarTech is highly compatible with PS4, Xbox One, your PC, your laptop, Nintendo Switch, a PSP, your tablet and your mobile phone. 

          Weight and Comfort
          Weighing in less than 335 g and with an adjustable padded headband, these pair of headphones have high comfort. Their skin-friendly over-ear earpads have top-grade softness and air-permeability. 

          Designed with a durable aluminum frame, the headset can take daily damage and still work with high-quality. The ear cups are made of high-quality memory foam. 

          Blue, green, black, and purple, the over-the-head headphones also come with breathing LED light effects. These headphones have 7 automatically changing colors.

          The package ships in at just 1 lb. of weight and comes with a free adapter.

          The 120-degree adjustable microphone can even fold up when not being used.


          4. G2000 Budget Gaming Headset with Mic

          G2000 Gaming Headset

          Sound Quality 
          The G2000 comes with a 50 mm magnetic neodymium driver and uses high sound precision to completely immerse you in the game. The surround sound stereo has clarity and shocking effect. 

          The G2000 is compatible with your PC. However, with the free adapter that’s included (3.5 mm), you can also play with your PS4, Xbox One, your laptop, Nintendo Switch 3DS, PSP, tablet, and mobile phone.

          Weight and Comfort

          Weighing in at only 13 oz., the G2000 design comes with superior comfort in mind, suitable for ears of any size. It has a soft head cushion and uses skin-friendly material. The head strap is adjustable.

          The ear cups are made of a soft protein sponge to ensure ultimate comfort. 

          Designed in black and red colors, the G2000 also has a glaring light effect to enhance your gaming atmosphere.

          The package that the headphones come in also include the headphones, the gift box, and one user manual. 

          The headphones have an adjustable microphone that can slip into various positions. 



          5. ArkarTech K9 Gaming Headphones for Budget

          K9 Gaming Headset for budget

          Sound Quality 
          The K9 headphones have a 50 mm large drive unit that gives you surround sound high-quality volume and makes you feel immersed in the games. It also has an omni-directional noise-canceling mic.

          The K9 gaming headphones work with PS4, Xbox One, your PC, Nintendo 3DS Switch, your laptop, tablet, and mobile—and also works with PSP.

          Weight and Comfort
          With extreme comfort, the ergonomic design has protein over-ear pads and boasts air-permeability. The headphones are also built with an adjustable double headband and skin-friendly leather material.

          Built to last, these headphones come with a double-braided wire and an anti-winding design. They are also made with leather material and high-quality metal.

          K9 Gaming Headphones have a professional finish, memory foam ear muffs, and an orange and black design. 

          The package comes with the headphones and instruction manual. 

          The noise-isolating microphone is also highly adjustable. With accurate positioning, you can not only move the microphone around, you can also hear sounds coming from all directions.



          To invest in the best budget gaming headphones, we hope that our list has helped you narrow down your choices. Whether you're looking for gaming headphones with PS4 or gaming headphones with Xbox One, the important clue here is to aim for compatibility. 

          Unless, of course, you're simply looking for the best cheap gaming headphones, you need to set certain features and factors as a priority. What is important for you when picking out a new pair of gaming headphones?

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