Akartech TWS 5.0 Pro Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review - All You Need to Make the Right Decision

akartech tws 5.0 pro sport true wireless earbuds review

What’s one of the best things about living in the modern world? Technology makes tools smaller and smaller, which means you can take your favorite gadgets wherever you go. Thanks to these advances you may be considering the Akartech TWS 5.0 Pro as part of your audio gear, whether it’s to enjoy your music or communicate with your clients. 

The question is whether this is the pair of wireless earbuds you should invest in. You’ll be impressed simply by looking at this pair, but we did an in depth sport earbuds review. Browse through and see if these will perform as great as they look. 

Arkartech TWS 5.0 Pro Sport Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Arkartech TWS 5.0 Pro Sport Wireless In-Ear Headphones 


Let’s Review Features

When you’re shopping for audio gear, the features must align with your needs. Here’s what we found out about these Bluetooth headphones—will this suffice for you? 

1. Design: Modern and Functional


Arkartech tws 5.0 Design with Modern and Functional

There’s no question that these were designed with the user in mind. They look suave so anyone will feel proud to wear them. We feel they present aesthetically better than Apple’s Air Pods that awkwardly hangs down next to your head. Apple’s design can easily snag on something and be pulled out of your ear. 

In contrast, the Akartech TWS 5.0 Pro set fits snug inside your ears. This looks great, is discreet and the design will even help to enhance audio. But more about that later. 

The design is also focused on creating a quality wireless experience, with no cords at all. Wireless is the best option in earbud technology after all. 

The storage case (which we’ll discuss in detail below) is compact and looks modern. It measures only 3cm x 7.5cm x 3.5cm which easily fits into a pocket or handbag. It looks stylish so will look professional if this is something you keep on your desk from now on. It’s also light enough so it’s not bothersome to carry around. 

2. Comfort: Fit for Almost Anyone

The design also adds to how comfortable they are to wear. They’re compact and as an added benefit you have the soft earbuds that will protect your skin & prevent friction or pain. Once again, this also adds to audio quality because these soft buds help seal off your inner ears. This is so outside noise won’t affect your sound experience. 

arkartech tws earbuds secure fit

The fact that this set is wireless also adds to its level of comfort. When you’re out jogging there’s nothing bothersome such as a wire that will hinder your movement. 

3. Control: Much to Choose From

Don’t think small tech objects can’t perform well. This proves how much tech has advanced: You have multiple functions to pick from with these wireless earbuds:

  • On/Off
  • Answering calls
  • Redialling
  • Hanging up
  • Play track
  • Pause track
  • Volume control 

Arkartech TWS_5.0_Pro

All of this is managed easily from the small circular control on the surface of the earbud. This makes it easy to control while driving, running or working. 

4. Audio: Consistent Quality

But how impressive is this audio experience actually? There are many features that enhance quality. First of all, this is a dual microphone system. This technology helps decrease background noise, so you can enjoy your tracks without interference from traffic. This is also valuable when you’re making calls. The audio will contain more voice and less outside noises. 

Of course, your connection type determines your audio clarity too. Here you have Bluetooth 5.0 which is one of your better options, compared to early BT tech. This creates a reliable connection between the earbuds and your audio source, meaning fewer breaks in transmission & less interference. 

Arkartech TWS 5.0 Consistent Audio Quality

Even better would have been Bluetooth 5.0 that has better range. This would mean fewer disconnects. However, this tech isn’t common in headsets yet, so there’s no reason to judge this pair too harshly on that. 

The sport Bluetooth headphones set creates a relatively good seal thanks to the soft buds. This also enhances clarity. 

Even if you’re very particular about how your music should sound, you’re bound to love these. Bass sounds are powerful, audio is clear and yes, you can get a stereo experience. 

In comparison with the Samsung Gear IconX, the Samsung set does allow audio play even if you’re not connected to your phone. Hopefully, this will be a feature we’ll soon see in all wireless in-ear headphones.

 5. Performance: Reliable and Dynamic

Akartech poured a lot of the latest technology into these earbuds, so you can expect high performance. This is especially because of the impressive Bluetooth 4.2 technology which ensures a good connection.

It’s also a high-quality device that will perform well for a long time. Proof of this is the remarkable warranty associated with this product. Apart from a 180-day repair warranty, you get lifetime support and repair services. That says something about the faith they have in their product. 

6. Battery Life: Always Prepared

Battery life should be high on anyone’s list when buying earbuds. This purchase doesn’t make sense if you need to charge them every now and then. On this one, you have a noteworthy4 hour battery life. That’s more than enough for exercise sessions while traveling to work or even a telephone conference. 

But we love that this brand didn’t stop there. You can prolong usage without being near a power outlet, thanks to the charging case. It can charge the earbuds multiple times. Then you have a total of 12 hour usage time without going near a power outlet once. More about this case below. 

7. Setup: Quick and Easy

The one thing that keep many people from purchasing modern tech is when it seems too difficult to use. With this pair, there’s nothing too daunting since they set up pretty easily. 

Firstly, we were impressed that they connect to most modern, popular devices. This includes both Apple and Android operating systems. Computers, iPads and mobile devices will all pair easily, so we couldn’t find any fault here. 

8. Bluetooth: Impressive and Reliable

Part of the reason it pairs so easily is because of the quality Bluetooth connections. The Bluetooth 5.0 is stronger than previous updates, making it more reliable than some older earphone options. 

9. Voice Call Quality: Clear Calls Anywhere

The reason these aren’t only meant for sports and recreation is that theAkartech TWS 5.0 Pro earbuds actually deliver excellent voice call quality. This is thanks to the dual mic feature and the fact that exterior noise gets blocked. During a call you only want your voice to be heard. The Akartech TWS 5.0 Pro does a magnificent job of this. 

10. Charging Feature: Ultimate in Convenience

You won’t always be at home, near a power outlet, or your car when your earbuds need charging. Manufacturers know this. That’s why you get a unique charging mechanism: a mini charging battery, fitted into a portable case. 

This is super convenient so you won’t easily run out of power when you need it most. 

As stated, the charging case extends your usage time to up to 12 hours. That’s long enough to cover most long flights which we think is pretty impressive. 

This is possible because the case is so powerful. When it’s charged (remember this before you leave home each day), it has enough battery power to charge your earbuds four times. On each charge, they’ll last +/- 3 ½ hours. 

Just remember, the type of usage does affect your battery life. These timelines mostly apply to music playback, not making calls. 

Does it Have Special Features?

We did mention that you can expect a high-quality sound experience. The brand makes this possible in many ways. We all use our earbuds differently and this brand caters for all:

  • Use it in stereo when you want to escape into your music for a while
  • Share your music with someone by picking the Share Mode, enabling two people to each wear one. Both of you will enjoy excellent audio.
  • Pick Mono mode if you only want to wear one device. This makes sense if you need to be conscious of what’s going on around you, such as jogging in the street. 


So, the question is, do you need the Akartech TWS 5.0 Pro as part of your gear? We especially suggest this if you often run out of battery power, because the charging case makes life so much easier. 

Apart from this the secure, seamless connection and easy pairing puts it high on our list of the best earbuds on the market to date. Akartech hit a home run with this product and we suggest you take them wherever you travel from now on. They’re so comfortable you won’t get tired of them. Lastly, that great audio quality is much better than simply using your phone’s regular speaker. If you haven’t tried earbuds, these will show you why you should. 

What is your experience with the TWS 5.0 Pro set?

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