8 Reasons Why Headphones are Essential for Gaming

Headphones have quickly become an integral aspect of gaming. Regardless of the platform, the role of headphones is crucial in multiplayer gaming. There are many types of headphones available to purchase, however, there can be certain benefits towards buying high-quality gaming headsets. We will give you 8 reasons why good quality headphones are a necessity for gaming.

1. The Rise in Multiplayer Games 

Online multiplayer games have been a pivotal part of gaming ever since their inception. However, in recent years this gaming has become even more complex and satisfying. We have seen games such as Fornite, Player Unknown BattleGrounds, and Overwatch explode in their popularity. These games have become embedded in popular culture. Fornite has even led to dances being copied. Therefore, many people want to be good at these games so they can play with their friends. The competitiveness of these online games has increased sharply which means that having an edge is more important than ever.

Furthermore, these games require intense teamworking skills. This requires an audiophile headset that can utilize the multiplayer aspect of these games. To fully experience the immersive depth of these games, it is essential to have a high-quality headset. A headset such as the Audio Technica ATH-AG1x can help you to enjoy the best possible experience. The popularity of games such as Fortnite will only rise and your friends will want a competitive player to be in their teams. A high-quality XBOX ONE headset isn’t just a luxury, it’s becoming essential to being a true Fortnite champion.

2. Enhanced Gameplay

The gameplay element is not however restricted to multiplayer based games. Headphones can also enhance the gameplay of many other games. The rich sound quality can provide a captivating and immersive experience. The superior fidelity can enhance the realistic nature of the game. This can help in distracting you from the outside world. A high-quality headset is a perfect way to fully focus on the gameplay. Many people play video games for realism and a chance to relieve some stress. Headphones offer a way to enhance this realism even further and make the gameplay even more lifelike. They create a virtual environment where your senses can be fully captivated by the gameplay. Every gunshot and every character interaction is greatly enhanced through the use of high-quality PS4 headsets.

The best PS4 headsets that we recommend for enhanced gameplay are the Cloud Flights made by Hyper X. They provide a stunning gameplay experience with their rich audio quality. They closed cup design helps you keep your focus on the game and the long battery life means you can enjoy the benefits for longer. The best XBOX ONE headsets for enhanced gameplay are the Stealth 700’s made by Turtle Beach. They are exclusively designed and licensed for the console which makes them a good fit. They are compatible with Windows Sonic Surround which ensures a fantastic gameplay experience. The active noise cancellation also works exceptionally well which means you can stay fulyl focused on the game.

3. Clarity 

Video games are full of sound effects. These can be highly varied and always interchanging. This can make it hard to sometimes recognize a sound effect. Games require fast reflexes and also a good ear to hear certain sound effects. This can be made more difficult through a TV speaker. Many do not have the systems necessary to adequately differentiate between different types of sound effects. This can make you hesitant and ultimately mean that your gaming performance is reduced. A high fidelity headset such as the G533 Wireless Gaming Headset made by Logitech can allow you to hear every single sound effect in crystal clear quality. The superior surround sound allows you to react far quicker and lets you hear the nuances between different sound effects. Fidelity is a key aspect of PS4 headphones as it allows the sound within a game to be experienced in the manner intended by the developers.

4. Real Life 3-D Sound Quality

It’s not just sound effects that can take a boost when using headphones. Another key benefit of using headsets is the real-life 3D sound quality. This is a relatively new technology. These soundstages are fixed in a real-world environment. This means that tilting or turning your head won’t affect the way the sound is delivered. This gives a more lifelike presentation to the audio that is coming through. This is known as “sound localization” and it tracks your room to deliver the sound as if it has come through a high-quality speaker system. Surround realism allows you to experience the game in a fantastic manner. It is being implemented in VR systems which underlines just how realistic and effective the technology is. The best headsets that utilize this technology are made by Audeze and they are known as Mobius. Their highly innovative headphone that makes fantastic use of this technology has changed the way we perceive sound. This technology will only continue to expand and evolve. But, for now, these remain the best headphones that utilize it for an intense and surreal gaming experience.

5. Noise Canceling

A key feature of headsets is their noise-canceling technology. You can learn more about noise canceling on our previous article in which we detailed the technology alongside some of the best headsets that utilize it. Noise canceling is perfect for gaming as it allows you to fully focus on the gameplay. Noise canceling headsets effectively block out all outside sounds. This leaves no room for distractions. It also enriches the sounds that do come out of the headsets, since they can get your full attention. Noise canceling technology has come a far way and it is highly effective at blocking out all unwanted distractions. They allow you to have a more immersive experience since you will only be able to hear the gameplay. It means you can listen to your teammates and the sound effects of the game in a more clear manner. If you live in a noisy household, this can be difficult to accomplish with regular headphones or TV speakers. Sennheiser is one of the leaders in noise canceling technology and we highly recommend purchasing the GSP 600’s. They are elite headphones that feature cutting-edge noise canceling technology alongside professional gaming features.

6. Team Communication  

Earlier, we mentioned games such as Fornite and Overwatch. These are games that are very heavily team based. Playing in a team means that you have to be able to listen to and receive instructions very quickly. The speakers on a TV or cheap headphones won’t allow you to have effective team communication. This is because the sound can be muffled and this can cause a delay in decision making. High-quality headsets allow you to instantly give and receive commands with the knowledge that everyone on the team will be able to understand you. They will allow you to hear enemies approaching must faster which can make all the difference. The use of these headphones will also allow you to understand the terrain of the game much quicker and more effectively. This allows you to become a pro in no time.

7. Cheaper Than a Dedicated Sound System

A viable alternative to a headset is a dedicated sound system. A sound system can also bring some of the benefits that we have mentioned. However, these sound systems tend to be very costly. Surround speakers can also provide a highly immersive experience. But, these speakers tend to be much more costly. Also, the close proximity of headsets to your ears gives you a crisper sound. The setup is also far easier. Sound systems can be overly complex to install and manage. It can also be hard to detect and resolve problems. Whereas, troubleshooting a headset is far more simple especially for those users who are novices to technology. Audiophile headphones are far more cost effective and portable way of experiencing the best sound quality from gaming. 

8. Easy to Use and Connect

The final benefit of why headphones are essential for gaming is their ease of use. Wired and wireless headphones are relatively easy to connect to your gaming platforms. You can find out more information on headset connections on our previous article. We outlined the simple steps that it takes to connect your headsets to a range of devices. The easy steps to connection mean that anyone is able to enjoy headsets. The benefits of high-quality gaming headphones are that they are durable. This means that they are likely to last just as long as your console. Cheaper headphones usually need to be replaced on a far more regular basis.


You will now have a better idea of why headphones are so essential for gaming in 2018. You should also understand the various benefits of high-quality PS4 headsets when compared to cheaper models. The added expense can provide extra value for money when you consider the high durability. If you want to be a competitive player that your friends are able to rely on, then a pair of high-quality XBOX ONE headsets are a much-needed purchase. You can only begin to experience the full benefits of gaming once you have a pair of audiophile headsets.

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