15 Actionable Tips to Extend the Life of Your Headphones



You know what the worst situation in life is? When you're listening to your favorite song, and suddenly the music stops playing. A situation that everyone faces at some point in their lives is their headphones failing to work. Most of the time, there is no apparent reason for this. It can be very frustrating to have to buy another pair of headphones. You work hard for your money.

So, we've prepared this handy guide that will give you some expert tips on how to extend the life of your headphones. By using our expert tips, you will be able to prolong the life of your headphones. These tips will let you keep the music flowing!

1. Buy High-Quality Headphones

Let's face it. All of us at some point have bought cheap headphones. We can't expect these low-quality models to stay durable. Sure, you might save a few bucks. But will it be worth it, when the headphones keep breaking. Choose a high-quality brand, and it will be far more likely to last a long time. You don't have to break the bank. Higher prices don't always mean better quality. But, you will have to spend that bit more to get headphones that can last. Do your research and make sure to opt for a durable brand and model. You can find out if a headphone is durable by making sure the brand is well known for quality. Some examples of high-quality brands are Bose and Sonos. Furthermore, reviews are usually a good way to find out which models are long-lasting. 

You can even make your own headphones more durable. One easy way to increase durability is by reinforcing the headphone. You can do this by adding tubing. Furthermore, it is easy to also add a pen spring to maximize the reinforcement. 

2. Wrap Your Cable Carefully

We're all busy. We all have things to do. This means we don't have time to take care of our cable. We keep it tangled. We don't bother to wrap it carefully.

Many people forget that the cable is one of the most important parts of headphones. Cables are very easy to damage. Also, this is a key reason why many headphones stop working. Keep your cables free from knots and tangles. The cables are prone to being easily damaged. Keep them wrapped neatly at all times. Coiled wires are even more difficult to untangle. The Naxos music label has a useful guide for how to solve issues with coiled wires. For bigger headphones, you should tie the cables around the set. The devil's horn method works well for small headphones. (shown below) 

Wrap Your Cable Carefully to extend the life of your headphones

3. Never Put Your Headphones on the Floor

We've all been there. It's been a long day. You get home, and the first thing you do is throw your headphones on the floor. This is usually an automatic action. We assume that nothing will happen to headphones if we leave them on the floor. Leaving your headphones on the floor is one of the easiest ways to accidentally damage them. Be sure to leave them on a table or a desk. This is an easy way to prevent breaking your headphones. The Headphone Zone blog made sure to mention this as a key point. 


4. Protect the Weak Points of Headphones

Just like a baby's soft spot, your headphones also have their soft spots. You may be unaware of your headphone's weak points. However, it is crucial to find them and keep them protected. The wiring in your headphones is very delicate. You should treat it as such. Be sure to note where the splitters, volume controls, jack connectors and remotes are. Most people pay less attention to these aspects. However, you have to be extra careful with these weak points. Don't yank at them. We know it might be tempting. The wiring is the most important part of your headphones, and you should treat it as such. You can protect your headphone jack and cable from breaking by handling them both with care. Also, you should never forcefully push anything into the jack. Finally, you should never erratically use the cable. Following these steps will allow you to protect the weak points of your headphones. 

5. Keep your Headphones Clean

This next tip may surprise you to learn. Keeping your headphones clean is one of the most important things you can do to extend their life. You may not even notice the dirt. However, specks of dust and earwax can easily cause your headphones to malfunction. You can keep them clean, by blowing into them. This will get rid of any dust or ear wax that has built up. You can even wash the earpiece with some detergent. Debris can easily build. It is essential to give your headphones a quick wipe after extended usage. You should keep your headphones as clean as you keep yourself!

6. Use a Carry Case

Many headphones come included with a carry case. This is meant to be used to store your headphones when they are not in use. However, many people rarely use their cases. These cases are specially designed to protect the wiring around your headphones. A case allows your headphones to stay in the ideal positions. It provides an easy way for you to protect your headphones. If you do not have a case, then we recommend buying a silicone case. These are reasonably cheap and easy to carry with you. A carry case protects your headphones from temperature changes or sudden humidity changes. Both of these factors can damage your headphones. 

Use a Carry Case to expend the life of your headphones

7. Be Sure to Understand IP Ratings

IP ratings can be confusing. However, it is crucial that you have a clear understanding of what they mean. It is common to misunderstand an IP rating. This can lead to misusing your headphones in a way that damages them. These ratings describe how waterproof your headphones are. IPX0 means there is no protection. After this level, the numbers increase as does the protection. Be sure to read the IP rating carefully. This will show you the waterproof protection that is offered. It will mean that you can use your headphones in the right way and avoid damaging them. You can get a better understanding of these ratings on the Jabra blog.


There are a variety of different IP ratings for waterproof, sweat proof and water resistant headphones. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Therefore, the number rating is more relevant.  The IP rating will let you know how much you can rinse your headphones. Also, it shows how much sweat your headphones can handle. You can view these ratings below. 

8. Clean Your Ears

Ok, so this tip doesn't directly relate to your headphones. However, your headphones will spend a great deal of time in your ears. One way to keep your headphones free from earwax and dirt is by keeping your ears clean. They only require a quick wash, and you should avoid using q tips. Using these tips can be tempting. However, they can make an ear wax problem worse. They can clump up earwax which can then cause a build up in your headphones. One of the easiest ways to keep your headphones lasting a long time is to keep your ears nice and clean.  

9. Get the Right Fit

Ears come in all different shapes and sizes. Luckily, most companies have many fits for their headphones. One significant way that you can preserve your headphone's lifespan is by making sure the fit is right. The correct fit will be snug. But it shouldn't be too tight. This will stop any pushing or squeezing. Both of these actions can increase the wear and tear of your headphones. That will reduce the life of your headphones. So it is crucial to find a pair that fit your ears. 

10.  Use EQ Apps to Change the Sound 

If the sound isn't quite right, it can be tempting to fiddle around with apps to change things. Yet, changing things too much can reduce the longevity of your headphones. One of the ways to improve the sound signature of your headphones is through EQ apps. Using EQ apps can help you to switch things up. As, it allows you to have the sound you want. Additionally, when using these apps, it is crucial to only tweak with settings. Radical changes will make the quality of audio lower and will also reduce the life of your headphones. Overly distorted sounds can reduce the lifespan of your headphones. You can learn more about this on the Sennheiser website.  Use EQ apps, but use them responsibly! 


11. Utilize Preamps and DACS

EQ apps can change the signature of your sound. However, if you want to improve the audio quality, you should look at using Preamps and DACS. The DACS in mobiles and laptops are often lacking in quality. You can buy portable preamps and DACS to use on the go. If you want the best audio quality, you should invest in DACS. Although, this tip doesn't directly extend the life of your headphones; going for DACS to improve sound quality is the safest method. It won't reduce the life of your headphones, unlike other measures. A Preamp/DACS can minimize distortion, which is a known cause of lowering the lifespan of headphones.  

12. Take Care of Your Earpieces 

You should pay particular attention to the earpieces on your headphones. You should clean them regularly.  Furthermore, it is essential to allow them to air dry. It is recommended to give them regular wipes. However, it is important to be gentle when cleaning the earpieces. They can be sensitive to the movement, and therefore, it is easy to damage the speakers.  You should ensure that the earpieces never dropped. It is essential to take extra care of the earpieces, since they can get damaged very easily. 


13. Control the Moisture 

You should always limit or restrict the amount of moisture that is allowed into your headphones. The IP level should explain what levels are safe. If you are doing a high-intensity exercise; then you should regularly use a towel. As, this will prevent sweat from entering the headphones. Always wipe your headphones with a dry cloth after a heavy workout.  If you are taking your headphones near a pool, it is essential to keep them protected from water. If you suspect that water has leaked inside the components of your headphones, there are some steps you can take. It is essential to stop using the headphones and allow them to dry in a secure location. This should be done for at least a day, before attempting to use them again. This process can prevent water damage. 

14. Replace Parts

When a part stops working, people tend to carry on using the headphones. They will keep using them until the headphones no longer work at all. Moreover, you may also have been in a similar situation. A little known fact is that replacing parts is less expensive than most people assume. In fact, replacing parts can be a far more cost effective solution than having to buy new headphones. One of the best ways to keep your headphones lasting for a long time is to replace the parts when they start to malfunction. 

15. Make Sure Cables Are Connected Properly 

The cable that is connected to the audio jack should always be kept secure and firm. It is important not to have it forced in. Although, a loose connection can damage the wiring. For larger headphones, you should ensure to always plug in the usb cable tightly and correctly. This involves making sure that the cable is all the way in. As, incorrect plugging in methods can damage the port.


Music is a way of life for so many of us. Equally, we all hate when our headphones suddenly stopping. You will now have a better idea on how to avoid this horrible experience that is so common. These tips to extend the life of your headphones are easy to apply. A few extra minutes of difference can make a more than a months difference to the lifespan of your headphones. With these tips, you can steer clear of the most annoying situation most of us face. 

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